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  1. togntime1

    73 FJ40 - Random Complete Power Loss

    Since last fall my 40 has been reliable and trouble free - until last weekend. While cruising about 40-mph it suddenly shut down. No sputtering at all, just died. I coasted to the side of the road turned the ignition off, then went to re-start and it fired right back up. I ran it a couple more...
  2. togntime1

    FJ40 passenger bucket seat

    Is the passenger bucket supposed to slide? the rails look like it does, but mine doesn't have the lever to release the pin.
  3. togntime1

    Wanted  3-speed shift boot retainer ring for a 1973 FJ40

    Title says it all. Looking for a 3-speed shift boot retainer ring. Any out there?
  4. togntime1

    Wanted  PCV Hose 12/73 FJ40

    Title says it all anyone have an OEM PCV hose for a 12/73 FJ40?
  5. togntime1

    Wanted  Under seat jack mount

    anyone have a jack mount their willing to sell?
  6. togntime1

    73 FJ40 water temp sending units and their correct resistance

    Does anyone know if the resistance is different between the two water temp sending units? When I plug my cluster gauge into the sending unit closest to the firewall the temp gauge barely moves from the left. When I plug the cluster gauge into the foreword sending unit (the unit I believe...
  7. togntime1

    Wanted  Hood prop rod for late model FJ40

    any available?
  8. togntime1

    Wanted  Windshield knob 73FJ40 and wiper nut

    Looking for the knob that passes through the dash and holds the windshiled in place. Also looking for a wiper nut that fits within the wiper assembly. Thanks!
  9. togntime1

    Wanted  12/73 front side marker lense

    Title says it all. My son dropped his bike right through my right front side marker lense. Looking to replace the lense or whole assembly if necessary. Any out there? Thanks.
  10. togntime1

    Hazards Blink, turn signals stay on - no blink

    1974 FJ40. Hazards work fine. When I activate my turn signal switch , the lights just light up and stay on. No flash. Arrows in the cluster do the same. My flasher is a rectangular box mounted up by the clutch assembly. It has a two wire connection. I ordered a new flasher, but that has a 3 wire...
  11. togntime1

    74 light switch woes

    Installing the harness and testing the components. When the light switch is pulled all the way out is that low or high beams. I'd think high, but it's turning my low beams on. I don't get anything when it's pulled out half way. I'm wondering if something is crossed in the harness or if my switch...
  12. togntime1

    74 Idle solenoid - connection to harness

    Can anyone confirm what color wire on the main harness connects to the bullet connector wire for the idle solenoid?
  13. togntime1

    Vacuum 14" Hg at idle

    F1.5 with fresh rebuilt carb. I have timing set at approximately 10 degrees advance, and valve tolerances seem ok. I'm at sea level. No vacuum leaks. Is this vacuum reading acceptable or a sign of other problems? Anything I can do other than adjusting carb to increase the vacuum? Thanks!
  14. togntime1

    One rocker not oiling

    Got my F.5 idling and I checked the valve train and most rockers have a least a dribble of oil coming from the hole on the rocker arm. One spurts pretty good. One other has no oil coming from the hole at all. I ran a piece of wire in the hole hoping it was plugged but didn't get any improvement...
  15. togntime1

    FJ40 - another get it running post 741.5

    Had my stock carb professionally rebuilt and have it installed. I’m trying to get the motor tuned and timed. I’m operating everything off a remote starter switch without the main harness and ignition switch. I can get the motor to start, but it won’t come close to idle. I have to keep it running...
  16. togntime1

    Wanted  OEM Radiator F engine

    Anyone have a radiator for 12/73 1.5F?
  17. togntime1

    Spark Plug Reach

    My understanding is that the older F enigines took a plug with a shallower reach. I ordered a set of BPR5EY for my 12/73 F155 motor and went to do a plug change. The reach on these plugs is more than the champion RJ12YC I took out. Did the previous owner have the wrong plugs installed? Are the...
  18. togntime1

    Wanted  Shift boot retainer and Inner T case boot

    Any out there?
  19. togntime1

    1973 Carb - Missing bolt size

    Anyone know the size and thread pattern of the missing bolt on my Carb? Bottom right from the window. Thanks,
  20. togntime1

    1974 fj40 barn door bolt/screw head style

    Can anyone verify what the proper screw/bolt head style is for the swing out barn doors and tire carrier for a 1974 40. I purchased oval head screws but they don’t look like. I’m thinking they’re either round head or hex head. Thanks,
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