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  1. lk930

    Wanted  Sun Visors

    Wanted to buy FJ45 LV sun visors in better shape than mine. Thnx.
  2. lk930

    Wanted  FJ45 LV taillight lens

    Left taillight lens for LV. Thnx
  3. lk930

    For Sale  didn't this just sell for $30k

    Toyota : Other Frame off restored! 1 of 100. Collector
  4. lk930

    Wanted  FJ60 seat belts

    Need a set of FJ60/62 front seat belts in grey to replace worn ones in my FJ45LV. you can reply off forum at Many thanks.
  5. lk930

    For Sale  WTB

    Looking for a good set of FJ60/62 front seat belts in grey to replace worn units in my FJ45LV. You can reply off line to Thanks.
  6. lk930

    WTB FJ45LV Wing window parts

    Hope this is clear for all. I am looking for what Toyota microfiche calls the outer “holder” for the bottom of the wing window. It is one of two pieces that screw together and allow you to tighten the pivot stud on bottom of wing window to adjust how tight window swings out/in. Outer is...
  7. lk930

    WTB FJ45 LV rear sway bar

    FJ45LV rear sway bar with u clamps to cross member, bushings, etc. PM me if you'd like so as not to clutter. Thnx.
  8. lk930

    LV Windshield weatherstripping

    Anyone got an LV front windshield weather stripping, or know where to get one. Spector no longer shows availability. U can pm rather than clog up board. Thnx.
  9. lk930

    for sale link Due to events it is time someone else enjoys this. take it off forum @ lk930@earthlink.nethttp://s1050.
  10. lk930

    Ashville NC FJ45 LV???

    Not sure where to post t his but...anybody in Ashville this week driving an LV???? Friend of mine (and not a LC guy) said he saw what he thought was a pretty nice rig. PM is good for me. don't want to abuse the system. Thnx.
  11. lk930

    FJ40 scam???
  12. lk930

    45 weekend

    not sure where to post this, but is there a CA 45 meet labor day weekend?
  13. lk930

    side mirrors needed

    Anyone remember the old Delbar stainless and chrome mirrors that Downey used to sell? Farily big rectangular head, with a laying down 'U" shaped arm. I have been searching for them on line, Delbar manufactures them, and not sure who is retailing them. I know some LV's are using them as have...
  14. lk930

    For sale 1964 fj45lv fj45-14452

    Here is the story. Friend of mine has truck for sale. As i have been told, originally from AZ and at one point of its life, driven regularly back and forth to Santa Cruz, CA. Running Chevrolet 327 with P/S, and Celica GT steering column. Transfer case not attached but with truck. Overdrive...
  15. lk930


    WTB LV interior parts Looking for what LV microfiche calls window crank and door lever estucheons. Part # 65602-91301. Essentially they are the round spring loaded discs that fit beind the window crank or door lever. Could use 3 or 4 of them. PM is fine rather that take up space on forum. thnx
  16. lk930

    FJ45LV rubber parts needed

    I have e mailed some older contacts from earlier posts, but wanted to throw this out in case they are no longer part of group/making products, etc. Specifically, I am looking for tail light gaskets, door hinge gaskets, and rear cargo area side window w/s. Also has anyone successfully found...
  17. lk930

    Overflow bottle needed

    Hi all. Does anyone have a radiator overflow bottle from a 76/77 FJ40? I have the bracket. Many thanks. lk
  18. lk930

    For Sale  NOS Downey V8 headers

    unplated, some surface rust only with gaskets (header to collector gaskets not shown) . $150.00 650 464 9502 Larry located in Petaluma CA.
  19. lk930

    For Sale  FJ40/45 parts 1967/77

    1967 FJ45LV Heater blower motor, heater unit w/ducting , sleeve and interior controls. 1977 FJ40 heater unit only. Petaluma, CA. shipping available. 650 464 9502. Larry $125.00 & $45.00 respectively
  20. lk930

    posting new thread

    what did I miss/not do when I posted a new thread but it was not marked as NEW in red?? Thnx
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