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  1. CruiserEd2011

    2011 - 200 Series Land Cruiser Wireless Headphones

    When I bought my 2011 Land Cruiser last year it did not come with headphones. I got the remote which works nice and the entire entertainment system seems to work well. So I was thinking about buying wireless headphones from the Toyota Dealer. I found these but it says "this part may fit"...
  2. CruiserEd2011

    Oil change check list

    Preparing to do my first oil change on my "new to me" 2011. Looking for tips and pointers. Land Cruiser details: 200 Series, 2011, 5.7 liter, Texas USA All factory original, one owner. Purchased used in November 2020 50,000 miles (So basically new). Excellent condition in, out and under. Got...
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