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  1. boozewz

    Blue Sea Fuse Block Mounting Location

    Can we see some pics of where you guys have mounted these inside the wagon? Most of the images are in the "what have you done this week" thread, so the search wasn't too helpful. I am debating to put mine in the cargo hold above the bottle jack storage. Can either insert it flat horizontally...
  2. boozewz

    Removing AC Vents

    Whats the easiest and safest way to remove the AC vents? Would like to get mine cleaned and painted black. I turned them inwards 90deg and tried to gently pull them out, but didn't want to take a chance and then break the dash face, so stopped. I am sure a little more pull and they'd pop...
  3. boozewz

    Builds  1989 GCC Spec FJ62 G Trim

    Well, a chance came up on a '89 FJ62 in gray, which is one of my favorite LC colours, and so I pulled the trigger. The wagon came from the southern mountainous region of Asir, and had 678,414Km on her. A guy I know went and checked her out, drove it, and said the drivetrain is all good, the...
  4. boozewz

    1HZ Oil Pressure

    Not sure why I haven't checked this previously, but I noticed lately that on idle, the oil pressure seems to be super low. Once I get moving and step on it, it hits the mid level mark and all is good. Should I be worried about the lower oil pressure at idle? Once I'm moving
  5. boozewz

    Camp Chef Everest Stove

    I just picked up a new stove from Amazon and had it shipped to me in Saudi. The propane set ups we use here a little different than the US, whereby we don't use OPD valves for the tanks. Can anyone tell me if this flame is good? Is it burning too strong? Too weak? I am running this straight out...
  6. boozewz

    1HZ idling and blipping intermittently

    I've been noticing this for some time on my HZJ79. Whenever idling, its raises rpms a touch, and then goes back to steady for some 10-15 seconds before blipping again and so forth. What could that be? I've also attached a pic for the FIP set up since its a 2014 model year 1HZ. This not happen...
  7. boozewz

    Boost Sensor for 1HZ and Safari Turbo

    I am about to begin installing a Safari on a 1HZ. Where would be the best place to install the sensor/probe for the boost gauge? On the turbo housing or on the intake pipe over the valve cover? (Pic below is from Safari website)
  8. boozewz

    H55 from FJ60/62 into a 1HZ

    Will a H55 from a FJ60/62 with a 2F petrol mate with a 1HZ? Are the input shafts similar?
  9. boozewz

    Frame Repair

    I am looking at possibly picking up a FJ43. There seems to be some pretty shoddy frame repair job done near the right spring hangar is located. It looks in bad nick. Is this repairable? Considering the rest of the vehicle is in OK shape save for a few rusted out floor panels, is this hacked up...
  10. boozewz

    1HZ Pyrometer

    Where would be the best place to drill for the probe? Thanks
  11. boozewz

    1982 FJ45 Troopy GVWR

    Anyone know what is the weight of a FJ45 or HJ45 Troopy, and also what would be its GVWR? My vehicle ID plate does not display it, and would not know where to find the number. Came up empty when I searched google too. Cheers
  12. boozewz

    A 1990 HZJ80 mini-refurb from Saudi Arabia

    The first cruiser I ever rode in was when my folks bought a brand new petrol 80 series in 1991. It was white, had cloth seats, barn doors, flares, a 5 speed box, a cooler console, and a forward facing 3rd row seat. It was also the first time I learned to drive, along the beaches on the coast of...
  13. boozewz

    Rim question

    Anyone know what rims these are originally for? 100 series? They look 16" and 5 bolts. Just wondering what LC they originally came mounted on, and if they're 16X6 or 16X7? Cheers
  14. boozewz

    HZJ80 Tacho pick up sensor

    I'm not one for cross posting, but I had a feeling this could get buried in the 80 section so I've come here to diesel (in hindsight the more appropriate section) for help. I've been trying to get the tacho to work on my 1990 HZJ80, only to find out that the PO had removed the tacho pick up...
  15. boozewz

    Drilling holes in the rear tub

    I want to drill a few holes in the rear of my HZJ80 cab to mount two adjustable tie down rails. The wagon has a sub fuel tank so was wondering whats the gap between the bottom of the tub in the rear and the top of the fuel tank? Is there a gap enough to bolt them down?
  16. boozewz

    HZJ80 Instrument cluster

    Just got a 1990 HZJ80, and the instrument cluster has gone kaput. The truck runs on a 24V system. I managed to source a used complete instrument cluster from a 1996 FZJ80. Upon opening them both up, I found some differences, most notably in the speedo meters. Anyone know whats the additional...
  17. boozewz

    Builds  2010 76 series wagon: The story so far

    Some members have been pm'ing me for info about mods on my 76 series wagon, and upon looking through some of my older threads I realised that all of my post containing some of the mods done are scattered around. Here's an attempt to keep it all under one thread, with lots of pictures. Hint...
  18. boozewz

    Shock removal

    Rookie wrencher here so looking for some expert to chime in...Having trouble removing the front shocks on my 76 wagon. When I try to loosen the shock nut, it turns the shock. We used clamps to hold the shock in place, but the torque of the nut is too much for the clamp to be effective. Whats...
  19. boozewz

    12.5" tire on a 7" rim

    I've got a set of 15X7 wheels on the way and am looking now at tire options to run. Would a 12.5" wide tire have issues mounting on the 7" rim? Anyone running that set up? Cheers
  20. boozewz

    FJ43 tag

    I'm trying to find the build date of this FJ43. I've checked SOR's chart but no luck as it only has 40's, 45's and 55's. Anyone know what month/year this was built? S/N is FJ43-68436 Cheers
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