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  1. Voodoocruisers

    Wanted  FJ55 battery tray

    Hey folks, I need one of these pretty quickly. Thanks for digging in your piles. Please let me know what you find. Thanks
  2. Voodoocruisers

    eBay  1969 FJ40 side reflectors yellow and red. Complete with hardware.
  3. Voodoocruisers

    Wanted  Power steering gear box mount for a pig.

    Does anyone have one of these to sell or lend for measurement. The one on our pig was from JT outfitters. It’s welded on and I figured I’d check here before cutting it off. Thanks
  4. Voodoocruisers

    Wanted  FJ40 fender fronts about 14” or so

    I need two left and two right hand fenders cut off in Front of the supports. Art project so rust is ok. Please pm me w what ya go. Thanks
  5. Voodoocruisers

    Wanted  Hood spear in bad shape. Good front half preferred

    Doing another art project and don’t want to cut a good one. bolts Broken, bent in the middle perfect. Please PM me with what ya got. Thanks
  6. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  Stock shackles and pins

    Missing some hardware but the treads are in good shape. $40 for all plus shipping
  7. Voodoocruisers

    SOLD  1976 California emissions cooling (cool) fan

    I like to look at it but if someone would actually use it...$30 plus the ride. the sensor will be included too.
  8. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  S. Illinois FANS

    $20 plus shipping I’ve got a pile of these... some early metal ones too.
  9. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  S. Illinois FJ 40 seat back metal in good shape.

    not perfect but in good shape. $100 for the pair. Plus shipping. I’ve got lots of these in varying condition.
  10. Voodoocruisers

    SOLD  S.Illinois Air rails

    All are in good shape and the nuts turn smoothly. $30 each plus shipping. Please PM me if interested
  11. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  S. Illinois 1.5 F (I think) exhaust manifold

    Not warped or cracked but no butterfly valve in the center. $40 plus shippin. Please PM if interested
  12. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  S. Illinois. 1.5 F intake manifold

    It’s in great shape w no cracks. $50 plus shipping. Please PM me if interested
  13. Voodoocruisers

    SOLD  Hub caps w a little patina

    $50 shipped
  14. Voodoocruisers

    Wanted  72ish Spare tire bracket that attaches the wheel to the carrier.

    One or two of these that are not broken please. please PM me with what ya got. Thanks
  15. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  76 FJ40,45,55 Smog pump, hoses, and brackets.

    This came off of a running California spec FJ55. Air rail is included too. $200 plus shipping.
  16. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  76 FJ40, 45,55 carb and emission stuff. S. Illinois

    This was pulled from a running California spec FJ55. It includes everything pictured. $150 Thanks
  17. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  76 FJ 40/45/55 distributor and coil-igniter

    Pulled from a running California spec FJ55. Thanks
  18. Voodoocruisers

    SOLD  79 FJ40 horns

    They work fine. $25 plus shipping. Thanks
  19. Voodoocruisers

    For Sale  1979 FJ40 exhaust manifold and down pipe. S. Illinois

    This is in great shape, the spring and flap work smoothly. no warps or cracks. $350 plus shipping
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