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  1. jccruiser78

    Free-FJ40 frame/springs/etc. in central Ca.

    Come get it!Call me at 831-901-6956,Juan
  2. jccruiser78

    1978 FJ40 Frame with shackle reversal/p.s. bracket

    Who needs a project?Power steering bracket and shackle reversal welded on.Stock motor mounts removed.The frame is in great shape.Includes title-$300/o.b.o.Need it to go
  3. jccruiser78

    1978 FJ40 stock springs

    1978 FJ40 stock springs-FREE IF PICKED UP pickup in Marina,ca
  4. jccruiser78

    3 point harneses(2)

    These were in my FJ from previous owner.No bolts,etc. $40+shipping from 93933
  5. jccruiser78

    78FJ40 hinges,kick vents,washer cover

    78FJ40 hinges,kick vents,washer cover-SOLD $50/all-no separating please+shipping from 93933 SOLD
  6. jccruiser78

    78FJ40 pedals/ebrake

    Complete and clean-$25+shipping from 93933
  7. jccruiser78

    Rams horn V8 exhaust manifolds

    Fits all small block V8's,great for tight fits-$50+shipping from 93933
  8. jccruiser78

    78FJ40 speedo/glove box door/ashtray

    Great shape Instrament cluster-$100 Glove box/ashtray-$40 +shipping from 93933
  9. jccruiser78

    1978 FJ40 Driveshafts

    Decent shape,will throw in an extra rear,all for $50
  10. jccruiser78

    78 FJ40 wiring harness

    78 FJ40 wiring harness-SOLD Good shape,complete,stock-$50 + shipping-SOLD
  11. jccruiser78

    1978 FJ40 Frame/title with upgrades done

    Got to go-has BTB power steering bracket welded on and BTB shackle reversal kit welded on $300 in Marina,Ca.(by Monterey)
  12. jccruiser78

    FJ40 Steering collum/steering wheel/keys

    From my 78-$100+shipping from 93933 831-901-6956,Juan
  13. jccruiser78

    FJ40 O.E.M.hinges/etc.POWDERCOATED

    Never got to use them.....$80+shipping from 93933 831-901-6956,Juan
  14. jccruiser78

    FJ40 3 speed transfer cases(2)PARTS

    2 transfer cases torn down but complete-make a crawler!$100/both/offer 831-901-6956,Juan
  15. jccruiser78

    Fj40 door panels-O.E.M.

    Clean 1978 door panels-$50 + shipping from 93933 831-901-6956,Juan
  16. jccruiser78

    FJ40 Running Boards

    FJ40 Running Boards---SOLD From a 78,great shape-$50+ shipping from 93933 831-901-6956,Juan
  17. jccruiser78

    1978 FJ40 radiator

    1978 FJ40 radiator--SOLD-- Good shape with support-$50 + shipping from 93933 831-901-6956,Juan--SOLD--
  18. jccruiser78

    FJ 40 tranny hump-O.E.M.

    FJ 40 tranny hump-O.E.M.---SOLD In good shape,$50+ shipping from 93933
  19. jccruiser78

    FJ 40 Fenders-S.O.R.-new

    FJ 40 Fenders-S.O.R.-new--SOLD-- Never got to use them-$300/pair+ shipping from 93933(please save me from shipping these-I have a life!) 831-901-6956,Juan--SOLD--
  20. jccruiser78

    AA transfer case adapter kit (new)

    AA transfer case adapter kit (new)--SOLD Never bolted up-$100+shipping from 93933(prefer local pickup) 831-901-6956,Juan--SOLD
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