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  1. Bas Zuidberg

    Thomas PTO winch manual

    Hi everyone. Like many others that own 40 series LandCruisers coming from Australia I own a Thomas PTO winch. Mine came with a user manual that I thought would be nice to share as I couldn't find any posts with it. Also a diagram, courtesy of @tlaporte in this thread Winch Disassembly -...
  2. Bas Zuidberg

    Rear step of the troopie: standard or option?

    Hi all, my troopie has a step mounted to the rear 'bumper', which I guess is there to make it easier for the troops to get in and out of the rear, but I am also seeing troopies that don't have the step but 2 separate 'bumperettes' (not sure what they are called). So I was just wondering if the...
  3. Bas Zuidberg

    Ambulance door fold down table

    Hi everyone. Am doing research on options for a fold down table that is fixed to the rear ambulance doors, but seeing options for 70 series only. Any ideas and pics that you can share for the 40 series? The table is meant for a quick coffee etc on the road. Thx
  4. Bas Zuidberg

    HJ47/FJ45 troopie roof dimensions

    Hi all, My troopie is in the workshop - can't get to it during lockdown. Does anyone have the roof dimensions and a drawing of the HJ47/FJ45 roof? Also interested in a cross section (to see the height of the roof from the bottom of the gutter, gutter dimensions, etc). Am planning a roof rack to...
  5. Bas Zuidberg

    ikamper / HJ47 combination

    Hi everyone. Hope the lockdowns are treating you nicely. I have been searching the net for pictures of iKamper (4x) and HJ47 troopie combinations. Thinking of going that route and would like to see what it looks like before hurting my wallet. Would appreciate pictures if you know of any! TIA &...
  6. Bas Zuidberg

    2H tach sensor wiring - need pics of how it should look like

    hi there. My tachometer (on 1983 HJ47 troopie - 2H engine) was working fine until the workshop pulled the transmission to change the clutch. Sensor got bashed when putting it back and the tachometer stopped working. I took a look at the sensor and noticed that there is only 1 wire coming out...
  7. Bas Zuidberg

    tips on changing '83 HJ47 troop carrier back to original

    Hi, I recently (finally) purchased a 1983 HJ47RV-KCQ troop carrier. Had a PTO winch at delivery. Modifications include a second diesel tank and a spare wheel carrier fitted by the Australian army. Later a water tank was added by the previous owner. Pictures attached. Would like to keep it in as...
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