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  1. Rix 45

    Interesting Timing

    That show was a religious experience! I love how Jimmy Page sheds the the suit as the performance progresses.
  2. Rix 45

    craigslist Who owns this $25K Schwein in AZ? Must be a Mud Member

    I recognized the pinecone in the winch reel right off.
  3. Rix 45

    Builds 1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    The ID plate is an extra special feature. Like that a lot.
  4. Rix 45

    For Sale LV Door latches cont.

    I have these rear tail gate latches still available. $75.00 ea. shipped lower 48. Thank you, Eric.
  5. Rix 45

    For Sale LV Door latches cont.

    Sales pending. I'll update in a couple of days.
  6. Rix 45

    For Sale  LV Door latches cont.

    Photos cont.
  7. Rix 45

    For Sale  FJ45 LV assorted door latch parts

    Each removed from a '66 LV. Each offered post paid to lower 48. PM me for details please. Tail gate latch right side $75.00 Tail gate latch left side $75.00 Rear gate limit pieces $25.00 Door limit screws $45.00 Tail gate limit screws $25.00 Left frt. doo latch $75.00 Right frt. door latch...
  8. Rix 45

    For Sale  Drivers side door control "98 LX470

    All functions work with exception of the driver window. It is sluggish and compelled me to replace it. This is a good parts piece or a BTN. $20.00 shipped to lower 48.
  9. Rix 45

    45's in the winter pictures

    Sticker is still there!
  10. Rix 45

    45's in the winter pictures

    Yup. The truck is alive and well in Laguna Niguel, CA. I'll drive it to work this morning in your honor. E.
  11. Rix 45

    BaT  A bit of BAT science fiction is reality Holy crow! I saw this car last week. It was being serviced and detailed. It was said to have been from an estate. I looked it over and would have offered up $ 9500.00. Man am I out of the loop. Check out the comments.
  12. Rix 45

    Wanted Steering Pivot housing

    Did you turn one up?
  13. Rix 45

    Wanted  Steering Pivot housing

    I'm in need of just the housing. These were used in a number of years . need one for a left hand drive truck. Thank you, Eric
  14. Rix 45


    In for 2 red.
  15. Rix 45

    Final T- Shirt Cost and Designs ( I might be crazy for doing this).

    I would like 2ea size 2XL Red. Yr only 1979. ONLY IF PRINTED ON THE BACK Thanks, Eric
  16. Rix 45

    T Shirt Idea

    I like it and am in if it is printed on the back of the shirt. Eric.
  17. Rix 45

    SOLD 100 Series/LX470 in Houston TX

    Do you have available driver door window switches?
  18. Rix 45

    Builds Tagged '67 LV build

    Don, Thought of your build today. Updates?
  19. Rix 45

    Bow Tie Pig Restoration

    Yes welcome. Got an un molested grill out here for ya to start filling that rabbit hole.
  20. Rix 45

    craigslist Sedona pig on CL PHX

    Can't tell if they are vents. I am sure the hood scoop is to cool the dual coils.
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