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  1. SupraTuRD

    ARB Front Bumper Owners...

    Does anyone have the 6” bolts for the roller fairlead that they do not need? The bumper should have come with the long bolts to use with the roller fairlead but I know many of you have gone directly to the synthetic line/hawse fairlead route. My 80 was purchased with the bumper already installed...
  2. SupraTuRD

    Door Courtesy Light Disable Switch - Pic Heavy

    I decided to install a simple switch to disable the door courtesy lights when the rear hatch is open. Whether you're tailgating or camping, it is nice to have the ability to turn off the door lights. Some have resorted to removing fuses or bulbs, while some have shoved carabiners into the...
  3. SupraTuRD

    Metaltech Slider Question

    For those of you with Metaltech sliders, could you tell me how big the gap is between the bar and the rocker panel? Is the gap wide enough for small kids shoes to slip through? Thanks in advance!
  4. SupraTuRD

    Recovery Fail

    This one might be a repost, but I thought it was a pretty good oops. =]
  5. SupraTuRD

    OEM Driveshaft Question

    Has anyone recently purchased a OEM front propeller shaft? Do these come boxed? The one I received is just wrapped in plastic on the ends. Just making sure I didn't receive someone's returned item. Thanks in advance.
  6. SupraTuRD

    Any Experience with the Denso Radiator P/N 221-3128 ?

    After receiving two duds (Koyo A1918) from Amazon, I'm looking at other radiator alternatives for my '97 LX450. Anyone have any experience with the Denso radiator P/N 221-3128? This is a copper/brass radiator with plastic tanks. Thanks in advance.
  7. SupraTuRD

    RTH: EGR Vacuum Modulator Testing

    Hi guys. I'm currently in the middle of testing my EGR Vacuum Modulator to see if it is good or bad. Per the FSM, when air pressure is applied to port Q while ports R and P are covered, air should escape through the filter. Mine does allow air to pass through the filter, but air also escapes...
  8. SupraTuRD

    Injector Clips for a '95?

    I'm in the process of removing the fuel injectors to send them out for cleaning/balancing. All 6 of the clips broke at the tab. Are the OEM clips available? Does anyone have part number(s) for them?
  9. SupraTuRD

    What is "Cold Spec"?

    I was at my local Toyota dealer to order some parts and I was asked if mine was "Cold Spec". What is cold spec? My 80-series is a '95... how can I tell if it is cold spec or not?
  10. SupraTuRD

    Pissed Off Parents, No 80-Series for Kid haha! The Ad: Our teenage son is an idiot. There he was. His future was bright. A week away from high school graduation, he was college bound and poised to inherit the Holy Grail of his teenage years. The truck he had been pining away for his...
  11. SupraTuRD

    For Sale  100-Series "Stuff"

    I recently sold my '02 Land Cruiser and I'm selling some related goodies that I no longer need. I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area and would prefer a face to face transaction, but I will ship on the buyer’s dime (shipping and packing). I can accept payment via Paypal using the "gift"...
  12. SupraTuRD

    Dash Lighting Question (2002 LC)

    Could you guys tell me if the following buttons should light up? I'm trying to determine if I need to order bulbs for the antenna, rear air, and mirror heater switches. Thanks in advance.
  13. SupraTuRD

    For Sale  100 Series - Doug Thorley Catback Exhaust System (SF Bay Area)

    Had this exhaust on my LC for a couple months. Sounds great, but wife doesn't like it so we are back to the restrictive OEM setup. The tip was extended to exit within the square opening of the OEM tow hitch. The modification was done at a fab shop that deals with race cars and custom...
  14. SupraTuRD

    For Sale  100-Series: 1" Body Lift Kit - BRAND NEW! $150 shipped!

    I recently purchased this 1" body lift kit from Jonesy's Offroad. I decided to stick with 33's so I no longer need the kit. The kit is very well designed by the people at Jonesy's... comes complete with the necessary bolts as well as zinc plated radiator brackets and steering shaft spacers. I...
  15. SupraTuRD

    Helton On-board Shower for the 100-Series

    I'm in the planning stages of building a shower system for my LC. Does anyone have any experience installing a on-board shower system on a 100-series? I'll most likely go with a heat exchanger from Helton of Australia. Should the coolant line be tapped for parallel or series operation? I'm...
  16. SupraTuRD

    Wanted  100-series Passenger Side Headlight Assy

    I am looking for a right side (passenger side) head light assembly for a '98-'05 LC. I struck a piece of debris on the way to work and it appears both tabs that secures the grill to the headlight assy have been busted off. Please let me know if you have a perfect condition assy that you'd...
  17. SupraTuRD

    Funky Clicking Noise Diagnosis

    I have been trying to pinpoint the source of a very light "clicking" noise that has been emitting from the left side of my LC. The noise is probably best described as a light click, almost a light ratcheting, sound that is only on the left side of the truck. I only hear it when the left window...
  18. SupraTuRD

    Norcal Day Trip or Over-nighter?

    I just started a threat at expeditionportal to see if anyone would be interested in a Norcal day trip or over-nighter? Expo link: Expedition Portal Forum We had a blast up in Mendo a couple years ago when a handful of us took this day trip...
  19. SupraTuRD

    Wanted: Lower Airbox

    I was wondering if anyone has lower air filter box laying around. Mine has a broken/missing clip. Thanks in advance!
  20. SupraTuRD

    Windshield Replacement Recommendations - SF Bay Area

    Anyone from the San Francisco Bay Area have any recommendations for competent glass shop? I have a cracked windshield on my 100 that needs to be replaced. Ideally, I'd like to find someone who has done at least one replacement on a 100... so far, I can't find anyone who has done one. None of...
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