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  1. deaddrift

    craigslist  My 1985 BJ60 is for sale in LA, now

    So it turns out that the buyer of my stealth-rustbucket BJ60 has listed it in LA, now. And I think they want $11k for it? It's a little hard to tell, what with all the "sub compact" and "like new" razzle dazzle.
  2. deaddrift

    SOLD  1985 BJ60, 5 speed, factory A/C, rusty

    EDIT: SALE PENDING MONDAY TO A CUSTOMER WHO LEFT A CASH DEPOSIT. WILL UPDATE THE LISTING THEN. 391K kilometers (~243,000 miles) This 10/85 Canadian market BJ60 was purchased by me in 2008 and imported and registered in Portland, Oregon, where it still resides. The body and frame both have...
  3. deaddrift

    Replaced cracked air intake hose on my BJ60

    I had a major crack in the hose between the air cleaner and the intake on the engine. The part is discontinued and the only quote I found for one of the very few remaining was $370. I didn't want to use coiled HVAC type hose because of concerns about heat, durability, and getting a good seal on...
  4. deaddrift

    need advice about intke hose

    I have a 3B with a torn intake hose from the air cleaner to the pipe that bolts to the valve cover. The hose is .75" at one end and 2.25" at the other end. I have a silicone exhaust reducer to make the diameter switch and some pipe but I need a hose. All I am finding locally are HVAC type hoses...
  5. deaddrift

    Hard to start 3B: no smoke, starter OK, battery OK, glow OK

    All of a sudden my 3B is taking three or four attempts to start. The starter cranks fine. The busbar has 12v dropping to 4v during the first stages of the glow cycle. Three of the four glow plugs have continuity, and one does not, which sucks because it is only a year old. I will be replacing...
  6. deaddrift

    Cig lighter socket wiring problem/PO mistake?

    I think I need to reconnect the red wire/solder blob to the back of the socket. My socket was working intermittently when pressed on, I'm thinking the loose connection was making irregular contact. Am I right? Re-solder this connection? EDIT: Also, I am not seeing how to renew my silver...
  7. deaddrift

    air cleaner question

    I have a cracked air cleaner hose for my 3B. Right now it has silicone sealant but I need to replace it. However the hose is unusual because the two ends are different diameters. I haven't found a used hose for sale and the price quote I got fo a new one is $375. Can I have the output from...
  8. deaddrift

    Wanted  WTB: BJ60 part: air cleaner hose

    I need an air cleaner hose, mine is cracked. I need the corrugated rubber hose from air cleaner to the pipe bolted to the valve cover, NOT the elbow at the manifold. Please PM me if you have this item for sale. Thanks for looking.
  9. deaddrift

    Intermittent brake fade

    Just lately sometimes my brake pedal is soft. It travels further and I experience less stopping power. Tis only happens sometimes and is unrelated to driving conditions, i.e., it's not boiling fluid because it can happen the first time I apply the brakes in the morning. If I release the pedal...
  10. deaddrift

    Torque specs for glow plugs 3B/Questions about injector replacement

    What is the torque value? It is not in my FSM in either the starting section or the tables at the end. When I removed them they were easy to pull so the value is not high. Also, I am assuming the specs for the union nuts on BOTH ends of the fuel lines from the pump to the injectors are the...
  11. deaddrift

    Will these glow plugs fit?

    So glow plugs are necessary even in summer for my truck... is this telling me something about my compression? They are 1/3 - 1/4 the price I am seeing for Denso plugs...
  12. deaddrift

    Hard to start 3B, lots of cranking, white smoke

    Today my engine decided it doesn't like to start now. It sat overnight; first start today went fine. Thenm out of the blue, the second time I went to use it, it required two glows and LOTS of cranking... then eventually started with a huge puff of white smoke (unburnt fuel?). Temps are 70-80...
  13. deaddrift

    What the &^%$ is this thing? ANd other questions.

    A "Toyota Blizzard" with what looks like a 13BT and a factory PTO for $7900 Is a "Blizzard" like a Brazilian BJ70 or something? EDIT: Whaddya know, Google is my friend... :rolleyes: Apparently it's a Daihatsu with a 2L-T = no, thanks...
  14. deaddrift

    Stolen 60, Portland OR

    :mad: Went out this am and just found the cruiser gone. It's a metallic blue '85 diesel (BJ) with the Canadian factory roof rack and a lift but regular size tires. Oregon Salmon tags 69xxx. Sucks. The police here are 503-823-3333 if you happen to see it. Thanks for looking.
  15. deaddrift

    Rust Free FJ60 frame $25, Cali

    Saw this while doing research... no relation
  16. deaddrift

    Why is my oil pressure so high?

    I don't know how long it's been like this, but my oil pressure at idle (~650 rpm) is at the H line when cold and more than halfway up the dial when hot. Under load I am above the H line at 1500 rpm, if I get to 2000 I am all the way at the top of the dial, similarly lower pressure when hot. I...
  17. deaddrift

    What is this and how do I make it stop leaking oil.

    I have a transfer that is leaking gear oil from two locations. I think I can replace the PTO gasket no problem, but I'm not understanding the FSM diagram to know what is needed in repairing the other leak. Looks like the idler gear shaft o-ring might be leaking? Does the transfer have to...
  18. deaddrift

    Bearing noise after knuckle rebuild?

    I took my front axle apart a couple of months ago and replaced the wheel bearings, hub seals, axle seals, brake calipers, pads and MC, knuckle wipers and knuckle bearings, etc. This was my first real repair job on my BJ60 other than some minor maintenance and I was feeling pretty good about it...
  19. deaddrift

    RTH: My brake MC makes me want to kill something

    I have been struggling for the past hour to attach the rear hard brake line to the master cylinder. I cannot do this task. Struggling for hours with one minor fitting is absolutely maddening. Meanwhile I'm watching my bench bleed go away drop by drop. :bang: I'm wondering if maybe the...
  20. deaddrift

    Borrow your knuckle centering SST in Portland OR?

    I lost track of my knuckle shims while removing my bearings (BTW I am a total newby and have tons of questions about this procedure: I live in NE Portland OR and am looking to borrow...
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