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  1. NewbyColorado

    Fixable - Repairable - Buyable

    Hello everyone. Can't go fishing because the rule here in Colorado is to play within 10 miles of your home. The area I fish is further. So, looking over the 97 LC. I was told that this might be able to be fixed by welding in a new piece. Is this frame piece something that can be purchased...
  2. NewbyColorado

    80 Series Campteq Pop-Up is For Sale

    If anyone is looking for the elusive Campteq pop-up for an 80 series, I have been in touch with @Thecriscokid . He has a brand new one available. I am very interested but @Thecriscokid has been awesome to talk to and wanted to see him sell the one he has soon, if not to me, then someone else...
  3. NewbyColorado

    Rear Axle Squeak - Help Appreciated!

    I just had the rear rotors replaced, rear calipers, rear brake pads, parking brake drum pads, and front brake pads done. Also, had the bearing service done as well. I now have this sound coming from the rear axle. Here is the link to the video. As...
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