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  1. Felde

    Brake fluid reservoir leaking

    Hi need some advice, please. My breakfluid reservoir started leaking where the stud joins the master cylinder. Obviously I rocked it too much in my effort to clamp a pressure- bleeding device to the lid. - Anyone an idea how to disassemble this and how to seal it? Neither workshop manual nor...
  2. Felde

    BJ73 1985 Power steering pump rebuild

    The Power steering pump / vane pump on my BJ73 was 'sweating' ever since I got the truck. But yesterday I lost almost all of the reservoir in just a two hours ride. Apparently its dripping from the flow control valve spring seat. The O ring there is finished, I guess. Time for a rebuild. There...
  3. Felde

    How to do compression test on 3B?

    Hi there I would like to test the compression on my 3b engine. It has 306.500 km on it. It fires up and runs really nice, though, although it has quite significant blow-by, think. (I however lack any comparison and experience to really tell). But I'm a bit concerned as my engine oil appears to...
  4. Felde

    BJ73 1985 What did the original seats look like?

    My 1985 BJ73 has seats from an LJ mounted. Those are due for a rebuild, though. As I have to go for it, I consider having the covers done to match the original design. - Can anybody provide me some pics on what the original seats looked like? My interior is light grey vinyl. Thanks and Best...
  5. Felde

    May I introduce me: Felde and his 1985 BJ73

    May I introduce myself: I'm Ralf from Leverkusen, Germany, nicked Felde. Im a 1972 build and located in Dresden and Leverkusen (near Cologne), Germany. Since May I own a BJ73, make 1985, 3B engine. The vehicle originates from Valencia, Spain, where it was owned in one family for 25+ years. It...
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