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    For Sale  Kargo Master Safari Rack/Gamiviti Mounts/LX470 Tailgate

    Kargo Master Safari Rack and Gutter Mounts - $300 -Freshly powdercoated black last year. Never carried any cargo since powdercoating. Complete with rain gutter mounts. Gamiviti Roof Rack Mounts(4) for LX470/100-series Cruisers - $75 -Lightly used but in great condition. All original hardware...
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    I'm a new owner and man this thing is great! A 99 LX470 has a new home.

    After much research on this site, I decided to pull the trigger on a ‘99 LX470. I had initially wanted a 4Runner but after learning more about the LC’s, I was hooked. I had looked at a few LC’s around town(Denver), and further, but didn’t feel comfortable(higher mileage, smokers cars, etc.)...
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