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    Wanted  DFW Texas rear step fj40

    I’m looking for the rear step for my 1966 Fj40. Apparently the mounting tabs are oriented inward on the early 40s. Thanks for looking!
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    Fj 40 1966 stock height

    I’m sure I’m not asking the right question in search, as it seems like a straight forward question. So my question is, what is the stock/factory height for my 66 fj. Also, where would that measurement be taken from. Thanks!
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    For Sale  Dfw area front License plate bracket

    License plate bracket $125 plus the ride
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    For Sale  Dfw area. 40 bumper after market

    $70 plus the ride. It’s heavy. Local pick up is probably best
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    For Sale  Dfw area Fj40 parts

    Happy Sunday. I’ve finished my build an need to get the garage cleaned out All items are shipped on ur dime Running boards $100 Speaker boxs$25 Pto Delete plate $30 Dui distributor $300 Weber 42/36 carb $175 includes adapters and filter Vent grate $20 All items came off a 1966 40 with the f...
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    For Sale  Dfw area Oem wheel Fj40

    Oem wheel Fj40. Early with rivets Tire looks to be in good shape. It’s 31+10.50r15. M/s $25
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    1966/40 rear glass gasket

    I’ve been looking with no luck. So I’m trying to find the glass seal for the rear hatch glass. The only thing I’ve seen so far is getting the seal but it requires me buying new (thicker???) glass. Any help would be great! Thanks
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    1966/40 cigarette lighter location

    Where would the cigarette lighter be located? There is no place on the dash, so I’m assuming it is mounted under the dash in some kind of bracket. Any pictures would be great. Thanks!
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    Turn indicator 1966 40

    I did a search but no luck. My 1966FJ 40 indicators are not working. I’m pretty sure they were working before I did the frame off restoration. This is what is working… Brake lights, tail lights, parking lights, headlights . I don’t have hazards. When I turn indicator lever, I hear a click at...
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    Wanted  Dallas Texas, fj40 manifold bolt

    Hi all! I’m looking for a manifold bolt for my 66/40. I dropped one while replacing gasket. Apparently while it was on the ground it grew legs and walked away 😡. Iv been looking for three days...I give up! Anyway, if anyone can help me out. Thanks
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    Fj40 corner window question

    I have a 66/40. I’m putting in the corner glass and was wondering if there is a left and right, or it makes no difference. Thanks!
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    High beam switch boot

    Iv looked to see if there was anything on “how to’s” make these boots. I think I’ve come up with a temporary solution until someone way more skilled than me makes a more factory looking boot I was not hard, and not expensive. The only thing I had to buy was a product called “ Pasti Dip”... got...
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    Rear heater plumbing

    Hope all had a good 4th! So I’m trying to figure out the plumbing for my 66/40 rear heater. I’m Sure there is a good reason why it’s not just a loop as a posed to branching off. Anyway the two tubs pictured came with the rig, but I don’t think they were connected. Do they both get connected...
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    Wanted  Dallas Texas, 1966 fj40 rear view mirror, and horn relay

    Anyone have, and are willing to sell a rear view mirror 66/40. Looks like this
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    Wanted  Coil bracket

    As title says I’m looking for the bracket the holds the coil for my 1966/40. Thanks for your time. Bill
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    1966 /40 dizzy question

    Hi all! I’m trying to bring my rig back to factory as best I can. Currently my original f motor has a dui dizzy on it, and a recently purchased nos aisin carb. The thing runs like a top! That said, I’d like re install the distributor that would have been original to the motor... if I can find...
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    Brake line hanger

    Are the hangers still available?
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    Wanted  Dallas tx. Throttle linkage for 1966 /40

    Hi all! I just received a nos Asian carb from a mud member. In preparation for this (see pic below)I bought the gas pedal for my 19 66/ 40. Now I am looking for the rest of the linkage to the carburetor. Please let me know if you can help me out, or have a lead. Thanks
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    SOLD  DFW wheels and tiers

    I have 8 wheels and tiers. The tiers on the red wagon wheels hold air but are not safe on the road. I will sell the two sets separately. $350 for all. I think the shipping cost would be crazy money, so local pick up would make the most sense. . I live in the Dallas Texas area
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    Corner glass gasket

    I’ve been looking for a corner glass gasket for my 1966 with out much luck. Some of what I’m reading is that I should buy late model glass, the seals are still available for this glass So my question is, has anyone found a replacement gasket for the early corner glass? Thanks for any input!
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