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  1. Guster

    Another only runs when choke pulled thread

    I've tried to read as many of the "only running when choke pulled" threads as I could find but I'm still trying to figure this one out. The engine will run ok when choke is pulled and runs at around 1200 rpm with a low, steady vacuum reading around 12 (at sea level). At lower rpm it will die and...
  2. Guster

    FREE  83 FJ60 Trans & TC, older intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheels

    I received this transmission and transfer case free with a 2F a few years ago. They were pulled from an 83 FJ60 and that's about all I know. The intake and exhaust manifolds came as extra parts from rigs I've purchased. Hoping someone will take all of it. Local pickup only in Pacific City, OR.
  3. Guster

    72 FJ40 Procar Seat Install

    Here are some pics from the start of my Procar Pro-90 bucket seat install. Figured there might be some interest in seeing how their adapters mount. 72 FJ40 with a build date of 9/71, had the full passenger side bench seat. Driver's side bottom Bottom of original driver side seat Procar...
  4. Guster

    72 FJ40 Carb Rebuild Question

    It looks like someone went after this carb with a hammer and screwdriver. My dumb question, is this anything I need to worry about (get a different carb) or am I good to move on with my attempt at a rebuild? I'm thinking these won't cause any problems, other than being ugly, but idk.
  5. Guster

    Wanted  Tailgate glass bottom support channel

    Looking for the bottom support channel and rubber for the tailgate glass on a 78 FJ55. It's the piece shown below in a picture stolen from Pighead. That piece might be bonded to or pretty well stuck to the glass so if needed I'd buy the whole thing but shipping cost could be a problem.
  6. Guster

    FREE  Pig Metal - Oregon Coast

    Free in Pacific City, OR. I'll likely be near Portland sometime within the next few weeks and can bring this with me if someone is interested. Also have three bell housings and some flywheels that I'll be posting as free in the general classified section.
  7. Guster

    SOLD  72 FJ40 Hub Housing

    Had a bolt missing on the hub of a FJ40 I purchased. Going through a knuckle rebuild I found that hole had a broken bolt half way down. I believe any hub housing before 9/75 will work. Hoping there are a bunch of these around from everyone that has converted to disc brakes. Here's a pic of what...
  8. Guster

    Wanted  Hood Lock and Blower Motor Resistor

    Hello, I'm in need of a hood lock and blower motor resistor. Year shouldn't matter for the hood lock and the resistor is for a 78 FJ55. There is this helpful post on rebuilding the resistor, FJ55 Blower Motor Relay Rebuild. I'll go that route if needed but will buy one if any are available in...
  9. Guster

    FREE  Bend, OR - Rotisserie and Shop Crane

    I'm going to be clearing out a storage unit in Bend, OR and I don't have room for this stuff. The rotisserie was my first major welding project but it held this pig body for a couple of years with no problems. It's not high enough to rotate the body 360 degrees but goes vertical in each...
  10. Guster

    craigslist  Seattle Pig - $45k

    Not mine (sorry if already posted), but figured some might be interested in seeing the pics . Anyone familiar with this pig? 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-55 4x4
  11. Guster

    Wanted  Water Pump Pulley & Parking Brake Levers

    Hello, I'm in the process of installing a 2f into a 70 FJ55. Looking for the 2 groove pulley shown in the picture below. I think the it's the pulley for a 1/75-8/76 FJ40 and 1/75 - 1/79 FJ55. Belt routing will look like what is in the pic but with no A/C, air pump replaced by pulley and no fan...
  12. Guster

    Wanted  70 FJ55 Heater Valve

    Looking for the heater valve shown below for a 70 FJ55. Probably not too many of these around that still work but figured I'd give it a shot.
  13. Guster

    MUDShip  Hood from Coeur d'Alene to Portland

    Hello, looking to get a FJ55 hood from Coeur d'Alene, ID to Portland, OR. I'm hoping to buy a hood listed in the Mud classifieds but need to find a way to get it to me in Oregon. Thanks!
  14. Guster

    For Sale  70 FJ55 Central Oregon

    Since there are two FJ55 for sale sections, adding a link to my ad here, For Sale - 70 FJ55 - Central Oregon.
  15. Guster

    SOLD  70 FJ55 - Central Oregon

    1970 FJ55 VIN: FJ5517213 Build Date: May 1970 Location: Pacific City, OR Looking to sell this 1970 FJ55. Here's a link to a thread I had started, 70 Blue Chuck Pig, showing some of the work done. We sold our house and have not found a new place so everything is going into storage. This project...
  16. Guster

    Wanted  70 FJ55 Brake Master Push-Rod

    I have a new dual circuit master cylinder but I had to cut out the old push-rod. If I had known the push-rods don't come with new masters then I would have spent more time trying to get the old one out, oh well. I'm looking for the circled pieces in the pic. Thanks!
  17. Guster

    FREE  F engine blocks, heads...

    If anyone wants this pile of stuff (all of it) then they can have it but will need to pickup in Bend, OR. Two F engine blocks, two heads, crankshaft, two camshafts, oil pans and two side covers. I'm moving and looking to clear out some stuff. The bell housing is not included. Not looking to ship...
  18. Guster

    Wanted  Pre 79 FJ55 Radiator and Fan Shroud

    I'm in need of a pre 79 FJ55 radiator and fan shroud shipped to Bend, OR. The pig I purchased was missing both. I found one source but they wanted $550 plus $200 if I didn't have an exchange, that's too much. Thanks!
  19. Guster

    craigslist  Pig in Portland, OR

    Not mine, looks decent but I'm guessing it's pretty rusty under the floor mats. 1972 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ55 (not at swap meet)
  20. Guster

    craigslist  77 FJ40 Portland, OR

    Not mine but I like it, don't have time for another project. 1977 FJ40 - rusty but running
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