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  1. woooody

    Public Notice

    In response to complaints from TLCA members regarding LC America, the TLCA conducted the Member Expulsion process in accordance with the TLCA Bylaws, Article III section E. After hearing from all parties, the motion to expel LC America was brought to a special meeting of the TLCA Board of...
  2. woooody

    Rubithon Rock Chef

    OK PMC'ers - Alvaro has asked me to join the contest this year, as he felt he needs at least 1 or 2 more teams. I would like to do it again, and wanted to see if anyone felt up to the challenge. It will be on Friday night, and this time the secret ingredient will be revealed on the day of the...
  3. woooody

    Need a spot for a 5th wheel near Petaluma/Santa Rosa

    hey gang My daughter Alex was accepted to the Santa Rosa police academy, starting in April. The commute from Vallejo to Santa Rosa in the morning is terrible, and the return is worse. We were tossing around the idea of letting her use our 5th wheel, but we'd need a place to park it. Or, she...
  4. woooody

    MUDShip  Truck from SF Bay Area to Mason Texas. 3/13

    Hi If anyone needs something hauled to Round Up, I have a long bed truck and a trailer that should have some space. Loading the trailer Sunday, March 13, Stop in Phoenix Monday night, March 14, Arrive Texas late Tuesday March 15. Return trip Loading the trailer Sat night, March 19, arrive in...
  5. woooody

    New TLCA Membership Admin

    Hello everyone I would like to announce that we will have a new Membership Administrator starting in November. Please welcome Karie Farr on board, who will be taking on the role of TLCA Admin. Karie will also be merging the Webmaster role that was assigned to her husband Matt Farr. I would...
  6. woooody

    For Sale  SOLD -- (Nor Cal) 1994 Locked w/ Blown Head Gasket.

    ***** SOLD ***** I'm helping my daughter Alex sell her 1994 FZJ80 -- $2500 obo We bought this two years ago from RustyNail Justin in Klamath Falls, Or. It's been a good vehicle, but has needed some repairs along the way. All work has been done by Gary at Mudrak's Custom Cruisers in Sonoma...
  7. woooody

    Need someone to check out an 85 Mini in Medford

    Hi guys (and gals?) I need a huge favor. My son wants to buy an 85 Mini from a shipmate. They are both in San Diego, but the Ship is decommissioning, and they are moving to different bases. He will be buying it sight unseen, and I would probably bring it home when I go to McGrew. The truck...
  8. woooody

    For Sale  [SF Bay Area] 1 TSL Radial 36x12.50x16 - 3.75 BS

    **** Price dropped to $50**** I have 1 TSL Radial on an aluminum rim. 36 x 12.50 x 16. I'd like $80 $50 for it. Normal chunking from Rubicon. I also have a 2nd rim that has screwed up lug holes from losing the lug nuts. Ill throw it in for free, or throw it out. Makes a good, light spare. I'm...
  9. woooody

    [SF Bay Area] 1 TSL SX 36x14.50x15 - 3.375 BS

    **** Price drop to $75 **** I have one good TSL-SX radial mounted on a 15x10 black rock crawler rim. Had it as a spare, but it is certainly used, but still very usable. I'd like $100 $75 for it.
  10. woooody

    For Sale  [SF Bay Area] 6 TSL Radials - 36x14.50x15 - 3.375 BS

    ****Price dropped to $300**** I have a total of 6 36 x 14.50 x 15 TSL radials. 4 are mounted on 15x10 Black rock crawler rims. 2 are loose. They have been through the Rubicon many times, and they show it. there is chunking, there are scars, there are dented rims. Yet, despite all of that, 3...
  11. woooody

    Wanted  Windshield wiper motor and turnsignal assy 72 FJ-40 (CA)

    ****FOUND ONE *** -- One on it's way, but leaving this here for now I have a 1972 FJ-40 that needs the following: #1 - A complete wiper assembly (cable and motor) or just the motor. 1968-74 per SOR #2 - turn signal assembly (column mounted switch lever, rod, and...
  12. woooody

    Lone Star Cruiser Roundup

    It looks like I'll be driving out to Texas with Georg and possibly Nick Demarest. I may have an open seat, but if anyone else wants to caravan out, let me know. Looking to leave Tuesday, March 11th early, and drive straight home Sunday / Monday the 17th. Lemme know
  13. woooody

    Anyone with a Green FJ40 in SD?

    Hi everyone A photographer from LL Bean is looking for a green FJ40. She said 76 - 80, but as we know, they'll probably take any year. She sent a note to TLCA, so I thought I'd hit you guys up. They'll pay a fee, but they need it for a few hours on Tues, Oct 22nd at either Balboa park or...
  14. woooody

    2014 Board of Directors nominations

    Hi Everyone It's that time again, where TLCA elects officers for the coming year. Our nominations close at the November meeting (Nov 26th), so I ask that anyone interested to please let us know, and we'll include you in the nominations. The actual election is at the December Meeting. Open...
  15. woooody

    For Sale  Post Rubithon Raffle sale or trades (SF Bay Area)

    We were thinking that some people wind up with great parts that they just can't use. In my case, I won a set of CCOT replacement seat risers for a 72-78 FJ40. I can use various items for an FJ Cruiser, or lift parts for an FJ80. Or I'll take 50% off, and sell it for $120 plus shipping...
  16. woooody

    Club HAM channel - 146.400?

    We discussed the idea of a club "HAM" channel - instead of the CB channel of the day of the month, the club would run a fixed channel. Nor Cal 80's and the Rising Sun both use 146.460. 146.460 is also the "NASA" Channel for Utah and it is one of the national "simplex" frequencies. We could...
  17. woooody

    Feb Mud/Snow run

    I saw that we had the date on the calendar: February 16- Pillsbury Mud & Snow Run Lake Pillsbury 8:45 am, Leave at 9:00am from the Air Strip (Don Gatton will track weather and road closures for us) I'm promising the group that I have the winch installed, and will carry a spare antenna. :)
  18. woooody

    TLCA question for your club

    Hi Gang Ross Woody here, your new TLCA president -- I have a couple of questions for you #1 - Do you have the 2013 CMCC dates? Want to get the website updated (and Trails?) We need your help in keeping TLCA afloat - One of my "goals" will be to keep the members that we have, and to...
  19. woooody

    TLCA questions for your club

    Hi Gang Ross Woody here, your new TLCA president -- I have a couple of questions for you #1 - Do you have the 2013 Ramble dates? Want to get the website updated (and Trails?) #2 - Do you have a club delegate for TLCA Board of Directors? I haven't been calling your club during roll call...
  20. woooody

    TLCA questions for you

    Hi Gang Ross Woody here, your new TLCA president -- I have a couple of questions for you #1 - 2013 McGrew dates? Is it the last weekend (Jul 26 - 28)? #2 - Is your club delegate for TLCA Board of Directors still Travis? We need your help in keeping TLCA afloat - One of my "goals" will be to...
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