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  1. 2MinutesTurkish

    Front turn signals out

    Highly doubt both bulbs went at the same time. I have no front turn signals. All other lights front and rear work. I've checked all fuses and they are good to go. I am in the middle of doing an ARB bumper install and converting the side lens housing to put the blinkers in there as opposed to...
  2. 2MinutesTurkish

    Real time help. Cut line.

    Gents, real time help needed here. Had a big whoops and cut this line. Fluid blew everywhere. Not the way I wanted to start my arb bumper install. How f' d in the a am I right now?
  3. 2MinutesTurkish

    Wanted  100 series armor in the Southeast

    I have a 1998 LX470 and am looking for armor all the way around. Front winch bumper, rear bumper, sliders.... Willing to give my riverrock stock bumpers if someone is looking to go back to stock for a trade-in or to make more money selling. I live in Columbus, GA but willing to travel a fair...
  4. 2MinutesTurkish

    Wanted  98 LX470 Headlight bumper fillers

    Looking for the 1998 lx470 headlight trim (filler) around the headlights. Ideally in riverrock green. See the highlighted pieces below. I'm located at 31906.
  5. 2MinutesTurkish

    SOLD  Or trade. 4 LX470 16" alloys and 4 Kumho 285/75/16s

    4 OEM LX470 16" alloy wheels. Decebt condition (couple decebt dings). Will do a good cleaning before I give to the buyer. 4 Kumho AT 51 all terrains in 285/75/16. Less than 7000 miles. Even wear. 90-95% tread life. Only selling because I went to 18s and mud terrains. If these fit my wife's...
  6. 2MinutesTurkish

    For Sale  98 LX470 in Rhode Island (rust free)

    1998 LX470 Riverrock Green Mica 242,000 miles 285/75/16s with 5k miles TB/WP done within last 30,000 miles I am selling my 100 series. This car has spent 3/4 of it's life in a garage or under a cover. The exterior and interior are extremely good. It has a clean carfax and clean title. It was...
  7. 2MinutesTurkish

    Builds  Buster Hotchpuddle - Can't stop, won't stop build thread

    Buster Hotchpuddle...yes...that's the name of my new to me 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. My kids name all our vehicles. My 2.5 year old and 4 year old daughters named him that on our first wheeling trip this past Valentines day. You can't make this stuff up. Our 2014 Tundra is named Pinkie Pie. It's...
  8. 2MinutesTurkish

    Calling it a "build thread" would be generous

    So I guess it's finally time to start my build thread. this is how she looked the day I took her home. Took care of some minor preventive maintenance and put together a j-moose roof rack with gamiviti mounts... Ditched the running boards and installed some 285 75 16s.... Installed an ARB...
  9. 2MinutesTurkish

    Aluminum framed tubing.

    Does anyone have any experience with EZTUBE? They make pieces for aluminum framing and they seem to be pretty reasonably priced. The possibilities are endless as these connectors can allow the whole thing to be pretty modular. Sleeping platforms, rear storage, and homemade rooftop tents come...
  10. 2MinutesTurkish

    Wanted  Aussie or Spartan locker for 94 80

    Lookin for a locker before I snag one off the Internet.
  11. 2MinutesTurkish

    Wanted  1993-1994 MAF sensor

    As stated. I need an MAF for a 1fz 93-94
  12. 2MinutesTurkish

    Wanted  80 series front/rear Armor in Georgia

    I figured I would give this a shot after months of trolling the classifieds waiting for front and rear armor to pop up. As the title states, I am looking for front winch style and rear armor... shipping zip is 31905. Willing to pickup within 250 miles. :beer::beer::beer:
  13. 2MinutesTurkish

    Wanted  FZJ80 Front and rear armor in GA

    After constantly trolling and refreshing the classified sections for bumpers, figured I'd give WTB a shot. I am looking for some front(winch) and rear armor for my 94 80 series PM me. Thanks in advance. Winch style front bumper Tire carrier(or tire carrier compatible) rear bumper
  14. 2MinutesTurkish

    Another ATV Ramp roof rack

    So naturally all the credit goes to the original J/H Moose rack creator which led to the birth of this significantly shoddier attempt. If I had any forum or computer knowledge (trust me I dont even know how i got these pictures to attach), I would tag him in this or whatever you may be able to...
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