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  1. badzj999

    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread Located in Arlington.
  2. badzj999

    For Sale  N.VA - 1992 LHD 1KZT Swapped LJ77

    I am feeling a little hesitant posting this, but I am probably going to make the move to a more modern 200 series after this sale due the arrival of my first child. 1992 LJ77 (1992 was last year of the LJ/2LTE but this is a 1KZT swapped 77) Located in Northern Virginia. What you see is...
  3. badzj999

    For Sale JDM wrecker source in middle east. Worldwide Shipping!

    I am looking for the following part: 51422-60140 Bracket Sub-Assy, Engine Front Mounting, Lh It has been discontinued everywhere. Let me know if you have access to this. Thanks.
  4. badzj999

    For Sale Chicago 2013 lightly modded

    Any idea of the shape of the undercarriage?
  5. badzj999

    SOLD 1992 HZJ73 - Arlington, VA

    Yes but I have a very interested individual looking at it on Monday.
  6. badzj999

    SOLD 1992 HZJ73 - Arlington, VA

    New price $25,500.
  7. badzj999

    SOLD 1992 HZJ73 - Arlington, VA

    The rear wheel wells had metal replaced on the inside at some point but I think its just the picture for the panel.
  8. badzj999

    Wanted 73/74-Series in the US

    I updated the price to $26,000
  9. badzj999

    SOLD 1992 HZJ73 - Arlington, VA

    No offense taken. Does your buddy want to talk to me directly?
  10. badzj999

    SOLD 1992 HZJ73 - Arlington, VA

    I don't have the before undercarriage pictures but I could have left it the way it was and it would have been perfectly fine. The question you are asking is basically does Land Cruiser Heaven cut corners on their undercarriage protection package and I would say they do not. If you are actually...
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