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  1. Toy4Fun2

    A\C blower or electric windows - why can't I have both?

    My 80 have a Webasto heater installed, and since I live in a warm country, there is no use for it. It's a system that uses gasoline to heat the engine water while circulating it and warms up the car interior. So after removing all the electric cable and water hoses in the engine bay, the A\C...
  2. Toy4Fun2

    Brake pads compatability

    Hi, Since living in Israel, where there are only about 10 LC80 here, there is a challenge in getting parts. I can source most of them from the known vendors, but there is a problem importing safety items, such as brakes pads and disks. But we do have here the other Toyota line from Yaris...
  3. Toy4Fun2

    Wanted  Looking for the roof console with fuel gauge, preferably in gray.

    Hi, Looking for the roof console with a fuel gauge, preferably in gray. Could be with either compass or an altimeter.
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