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  1. pwelco

    Roll over question

    Can anyone point me to a thread or two about what to check before trying to start my '77 FJ40 after a roll over? It sat on its side for about 2 hours before being righted and I don't want to screw it up. The oil level is fine and it all looks like it should start but..... Thanks for...
  2. pwelco

    Stock 77-Flat spot in acceleration

    OK the vitals... Stock 1977FJ40 with straight 6 2F motor and stock Aisan carb If your watching Pinhead, thank you sooo much for the youtube videos on the rebuild of an Aisan Carburetor! Priceless!! PerTronix ignition New coil Fairly new plugs and wires Newly rebuilt carburetor -...
  3. pwelco

    Ok i know its in here somewhere??

    Before I start yet another thread so you experts can help me, where is the best place to tap into the vacuum system to
  4. pwelco

    Hood hinges are bleeding rust

    Anybody ever rebuild their hood hinges? Mine appear to have the pins rusting out and want to repair them rather than buy new, paint etc... Will I need a press or just have to grind the ends to get the pins out? Thx to all the cruiser addicts like me out there!
  5. pwelco

    Anybody recognize this wheel?

    Good morning from Portland Oregon. I am trying to locate one of these wheels for a spare on my 40. Do you know what it is and do you have one laying around?
  6. pwelco

    Antenna Repair advice needed

    A while back I was wheelin and broke off my stock antenna. I thought since I have replaced other parts from SOR that heck no problem but when my new part arrived it looked nothing like the original and in fact takes different mounting holes. Well to say the least I do not want to drill new...
  7. pwelco

    Rear Speaker install in my FJ40

    I thought I would share some pics of the installation I did on my FJ40 rear speakers. After looking on this sight and many others I decided to design my own and build up a box for each rear corner. The idea was to angle the speaker towards the center and up at the back of the driver and...
  8. pwelco

    Steering wheel alignment slips?

    Just a question on steering wheel alignment. I haven't gone wheeling for a while and thinking back to items of concern I remember a couple times I was out and ran up against a stump, log, or boulder I got back on the road to find my steering wheel was out of alignment. What could this be? Where...
  9. pwelco

    Read a lot now need some pics please!

    I have read many threads on which lift to buy in here for my stock 1977 FJ40 and now that I have selected with my budget going with a TPI Smokey mountain suspension lift kit I need to decide on a 2-1/2" or 4". It's mostly a weekend rig with some 4 wheelin fun once in a while and not any rock...
  10. pwelco

    delayed power

    I have an '77 FJ40 2F motor and have a question about delayed power. The rig is warm (happens when cold but choke is out and helps hide the trouble) and I start off the line and gradually depress the gas pedal. About half way to fully depressed there is certain number of degrees of depressing...
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