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    Metaltech Group Buy - Bumpers & Sliders

    For anyone that missed out on the last Metaltech Group Buy and still needs to get bumpers or sliders: Metaltech Group Buy code: GROUPBUY18 Good for orders placed May 1st thru 14th and looks like it will be combined across all platforms to meet the quantity of orders needed for each discount tier!
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    Appalachian Toyota Round-Up 2018

    Appalachian Toyota Round-Up Windrock Park (same location as GSMTR) Oliver Springs, TN Aug. 30 - Sept. 3rd ATR2018 Anyone from ONSC planning on going? I went with my cousin in his FJ Cruiser last year and had a blast, even with all of the rain. There were only a handful of LC's. Thinking...
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    Toyota to recall 690,000 2005-2011 Tacomas

    Just saw this pop up in my news feed and thought I'd share:
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    Newest member of the blown headgasket club

    Well, I guess it was inevitable. With my wife having been laid off a few weeks ago, I was starting to consider selling the 80 to get something more economical. The truck must have found out and decided it wouldn't go without a fight. Driving home from work it started running rough and I noticed...
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    Toyota Trails Article

    Just got my copy in the mail and have to say that was a great article about Logan you wrote Al.
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    Tornado Warning

    <See post #17 for current warnings> Tornado Warning Statement as of 5:58 PM EDT on March 28, 2010 ... A Tornado Warning remains in effect until 630 PM EDT...
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    '79 RHD 55 on Craigslist (no affiliation)

    1979 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    eBay  1993 fzj80

    Not mine. Toyota : Land Cruiser:eBay Motors (item 300322174503 end time Jun-19-09 10:11:52 PDT) Looks like it has factory lockers and possibly an OME lift. Doesn't seem to have any rust from what can be seen in the pictures. Downside would be the paint and interior.
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    Another Front Axle Rebuild Question

    So I'm about to finish my rebuild finally after many delays (close to 2 months on jack stands - is that a record?), but I have a bad feeling I may have screwed something else up (no real surprise there). I completed the ps side first and the axle went in with no problems. The ds, on the other...
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    Check out 80 for fellow mudder

    This is not for me. Just posting this on here in case anyone near Greenville can help out.
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    Birfield (cage and star) wear - Is this normal?

    So I'm getting ready to put everything back together in the next day or so (finally) on my front axle rebuild and wanted to ease my worries about the cage and star wear. I'm wondering if this looks like normal or abnormal wear. Should I be replacing the birf if it looks like this or am I just...
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    Green to White

    I know absolutely nothing about paint, so here goes my question: I have a green 94 FZJ80 that I would like to paint white. (Probably should have just waited and found one already white :bang:) What would be the best (read:cheapest) way of doing this? I want it to turn out right, so I'll be...
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