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  1. Biscuit

    FJ40- Three on the Tree vs 4 speed on the ground

    I must have forgot which of the shift (Hi-Lo vs 2WD-4WD) failed (it was nearly 20 years ago now). Regardless it got disengaged somehow. I'm partial to mechanical linkages...preferably with as few links as possible between the lever and what is being actuated.
  2. Biscuit

    FJ40- Three on the Tree vs 4 speed on the ground

    Having converted my 1974 (10/73 build date) which came with the J30 as 3 on the floor to a later H42 4 on the floor, I am much happier with the 4 speed. The gearing just seems right for the FJ40. From feel and sound you know when to up shift and the next gear is right where it should be for...
  3. Biscuit

    Gauge Decals

    I'm still around. But I haven't been making those kits for a while. It was much more time intensive than I had expected. I haven't been able to locate the box with the left overs from back when I made those kits. I took a look this morning and it wasn't in any of the suspected locations in my...
  4. Biscuit

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Speaking of pizza cutters on stock rims, took mine on a trail for the first time in...well lets just say far too long. The tires are getting up there age wise but show no cracking or dry rot. I might eventually get around to jetting the carb for altitude (as opposed to sea level), definitely...
  5. Biscuit

    Biscuit's Keeping The FJ40 - Customization/Improvement Thread

    That looks much better. @65swb45, Did you grind off the rivets and then just shift the hanger back so that the front hole on the hangar lines up with the rear hole on the frame? And of course drill a new hole for the rear hanger mount hole. Any reason to not just rotate the hangar so the eye is...
  6. Biscuit

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Added the flooring to the Con-Fer basket.
  7. Biscuit

    Biscuit's Keeping The FJ40 - Customization/Improvement Thread

    Spent yesterday cutting and assembling the FarmTek chicken coop flooring for the roof rack floor. Installed the flooring today. Using 1-1/2" OD fender washers for primary anchoring. UV stabilized heavy duty zip ties for secondary (rattle reduction) anchoring. I had to drill some new mounting...
  8. Biscuit

    Biscuit's Keeping The FJ40 - Customization/Improvement Thread

    No change that I can see. But it has softened up the ride very slightly. I still like the ride quality.
  9. Biscuit

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Picked up a Con-Fer basket locally for cheap. Cleaned up the rust, painted it with rust reformer and semi-gloss enamel and mounted it. Before Painted Installed I'm going to put the chicken coop flooring in sometime soon.
  10. Biscuit

    Biscuit's Keeping The FJ40 - Customization/Improvement Thread

    Resurrecting this thread three years later. The 40 (and I) am now in Boulder, CO. I drove the truck the 1000 miles from L.A. to Boulder over two days. I didn't get to drive it for that field school in 2017, but I did get a long road trip in 2017. Still getting things done on the 40: Replaced...
  11. Biscuit

    Ironman 2" lift suspension....any experience?

    I have it on my 40 installed 5ish years ago. I have been happy with it. It lifted my truck more than 2". Looks like the 2" was above the stock height as delivered, not after 40+ years of use. Fits the 33s I run nicely. My use case is basically the same. Though I only put on the new front...
  12. Biscuit

    Changing the Carburator 1973 FJ40

    Second on the stock rebuilt. Years ago I removed the Weber that was on my truck and replaced it with a Mark A carb. Stock rebuild is the only way to go with the F/2F.
  13. Biscuit

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Took advantage of the 72 degree day to put in the bracket that stabilizes the clutch slave cylinder, a new clutch fork return spring bracket, and new push rod. That fixed the very slight slip I was experiencing with the old unstabilized slave cylinder/push rod that wouldn't shorten enough...
  14. Biscuit

    Mark's Off Road Warehouse Fire Thread

    Maybe make the slogan "30 years speaking old school" placed above the rig? No matter what the slogan is three decades of running your shop your way is a major achievement, congrats. I met a college kid at the local cars and coffee this morning who was there with his three weeks new to him '72...
  15. Biscuit

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Replaced the worn out door strikers with new aftermarket. Wow, what a difference. Turns out most of my rattles were the front doors.
  16. Biscuit

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Adjusted the drum brakes to 4 clicks back. The SST made this really easy. Though I still need a half pump to get good pedal feel. Will probably bleed the brakes for good measure. Adjusted the parking brake. Did a 2nd-hi stall test and no movement, just stalled the engine. Replaced the original...
  17. Biscuit

    For Sale Boulder, CO: FJ40 front tube bumper

    Bump. Price dropped. Get this out of my garage.
  18. Biscuit

    SOLD Boulder, CO: Con-Ferr FJ40 front tool box

    @MadMace will need to look up shipping, hadn't even weighed/measured the box yet. I'm going to give @swamp-thing first shot as he is local (since your responses were basically at the same time) And @Spike Strip, moved out here about a year and a half ago. The 40 made the L.A. to Boulder...
  19. Biscuit

    For Sale  Boulder, CO: FJ40 front tube bumper

    Selling the old front bumper that was on the FJ40 when I bought it. I added bolts through the light hoop for mounting a hi-lift. Hi-lift secures with wing nuts. QuickFists are there to provide some vibration damping for the jack (one is busted). Also added two QuikFist mounts on the front for a...
  20. Biscuit

    SOLD  Boulder, CO: Con-Ferr FJ40 front tool box

    Lockable Con-Ferr FJ40 front bumper tool box. Pulled it off my 40 when installing the new ARB catcher mask bumper. Mounts to the front frame rails and bumper. Price: $150 + the ride Location: Boulder, CO Shipping: Prefer pickup, but can look into shipping. It's an awkward size.
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