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  1. chuckost

    Carb Rebuild

    I know, I should pay more attention it's been discussed before... I need someone to rebuild a california 1978 carburetor that is disassembled in a box. Don't ask any questions, I don't wish to discuss the details. Lol Anyone out there that does good work without laughing at me? (I couldn't do it!)
  2. chuckost

    Shift Knob Caps

    I seem to remember seeing years ago someone making replacement caps for shift knobs. Anyone know where I might find them now? I know I can buy new ones, but I'm kinda sentimental since they're the original knobs from when I bought it new in 1978. Just passed 500k miles a few months ago!
  3. chuckost

    Wrong color?

    Is it possible that my 9/77 build date 1978 fj40 is actually dune beige and not beige originally? Color charts I've seen say no, but???
  4. chuckost

    Shackle angle match?

    Just had the bushings and shackles replaced. I don't remember the angle of the shackles not matching. Is this correct?
  5. chuckost

    1978 fj40

    Had my stock shackles and bushings replaced, now angle of front shackles don't match. Should they? I never even noticed it before, but I didn't specifically look. Original owner, stock suspension.
  6. chuckost

    Rear Winch

    Has anyone mounted any kind of winch on the back of their 40? Saw an old military truck that had some kind of weird hookup going under the truck and out the rear! Bizarre, looked crazy dangerous! This got me thinking about my years with my 1978 fj40. I'm original owner so have good records...
  7. chuckost

    Transfer case too full

    Ok. I know about the hose between the Trans and t case and have one. But why is my t case over filling???
  8. chuckost

    1978 shift knobs

    The shift knobs on my 78 are in good condition, but the stickers on them showing shift patterns are long gone. Anyone seen any? I really don't want to change the knobs, I'm the original owner and they're the original knobs.
  9. chuckost

    Soft Doors

    I got these as part of a swap. Can anyone help identify them?
  10. chuckost

    For Sale  76? Spare Tire Carrier

    I think this is for a 76. Good condition, just some surface rust. I'm in Southern California. Make me an offer. $120 obo + shipping
  11. chuckost

    Spare tire carrier

    Got this while trading for other stuff. Any ideas years it fits and value? Definitely not my 78 Lol.
  12. chuckost

    Stock Radiator

    Is the oem radiator in a 74 fj40 the same as in a 78 fj40?
  13. chuckost

    Elec distributor air gap

    Orig owner 1978 fj40. Anybody here ever adjust the air gap on a stock elec distributor? Does it ever change? How critical is it? Any input or warnings, etc? Is it an "ain't broke don't touch it" item???
  14. chuckost

    Transfer Case Breather

    I want to try to remove breather on my transfer case and clean it until I can get time to install vent hose to firewall. With enough contortion I've found I can reach it "sorta". How is it held in place? Threaded? Press fit? Is it identical to the axle breathers? It feels like there's a hex...
  15. chuckost

    Air Conditioning and MPG

    I know, I know MPG on an fj40 shouldn't even be discussed... BUT, I'm original owner 78fj40 thinking about AC. Dang, we're getting older and hwy 395 through the Mojave desert is hot in summer. So with AC will I go from 13 MPG highway to 3 mpg????
  16. chuckost

    Front Axle

    Not sure how far to dig into front knuckle/axle. 1978 fj40 original owner. 488,000 miles (yes, really). 60% daily driver miles, 30% freeway (to get out of SoCal), 10% off highway (dirt/gravel/mud/snow unpaved roads, some off trail). So approx. 50k miles with warn hubs locked. Have rebuilt...
  17. chuckost


    Ok, I know all about the overflow hose between the trans and transfer for a leaking seal. Installed one 4 years ago just in case. Having said that, I went to change the oil in both and the transfer case is over filled and the trans is low! Pulled the hose off both and quite a bit of oil...
  18. chuckost

    1978 Fj40 Passenger seat slider?

    Has anyone made the stock passenger seat into a slider? Trying to make mods so my wife will be more comfortable after knee and hip replacement. She needs to be able to slide it back to stretch fairly often. Thanks!
  19. chuckost

    OEM Parts Catalog

    I have an original parts manual for 1969. On the cover it says "Toyota Land Cruiser USA Models FJ40L-A and 40LV-A". Catalog No. 93678-69. Used but not greasy or anything. Previous owner clear llaminated cover. Drawings and part numbers of EVERY PART on your cruiser! $60. Call Chuck...
  20. chuckost

    For Sale  Fj40 1969 oem Parts Catalog

    Thinking of selling an OEM 1969 fj40L-A and FJ40LV-A PARTS CATALOG. Toyota #93678-69. Maybe trade? No idea what it's worth. Good condition, clean and all together. I have a 1978 fj40 California that I'm always looking for things/parts for - trade?
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