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  1. BigMF

    iKamper Mounting Brackets on CVT tent?

    All, Just purchased a CVT Shasta Hybrid. Not sure when it will be available as the salesperson I talked to said every single tent in the company had been sold. That being said, I was able to go ahead and purchase and get the 25% off Black Friday deal and wait until it arrives. I will be...
  2. BigMF

    Dead after remote start, battery fine

    So, I installed a remote start kit last year that has worked fine since install. It is configured like most Toyota/Lexus systems in that after you do the remote start the engine stops and you have to restart upon entering the vehicle. This morning I used the remote start and it started up...
  3. BigMF

    Too rusty?

    I know there are a ton of posts about rust on here. However, they lack any way for me to quantitatively determine if I have a serious issue or not. I was poking around under my truck today and familiarizing myself with the frame and AHC system in preparation for installing my new Metal Tech...
  4. BigMF

    Rotor very hot after 30 minute drive

    All, went for a short drive this AM and when I got out I noticed a “hot” smell coming from left rear wheel area. The wheel itself was hot enough to burn. I sprayed a bit of water on the rotor and it immediately steamed off. Any thoughts or suggestions on what it might be and how to resolve...
  5. BigMF

    White Knuckle sliders on LX?

    Has anyone installed the White Knuckle sliders on an LX? If so, what kind of protection do they offer for the AHC components? Do they require that the stock AHC protection be removed? Just a caveat: I don't plan on doing any serious, hard-core rock crawling but I do want my suspension system to...
  6. BigMF

    RTV needed for Valve Cover Gasket replacement?

    All, Long story but I started replacing my spark plugs and am now replacing the valve cover gaskets and spark plug o-rings due to some oil in the spark plug tubes. The FSM says to use some Toyota Genuine Seal Packing Black, Three Bond 1207B when replacing the valve cover gasket. It was...
  7. BigMF

    What are these?

    Hello, Trying to figure out what these things are, can they be moved easily, etc.? Thinking long term about where to place my compressor and/or dual battery so was wondering what these are and what purpose they serve: Next to the Power Steering reservoir: Behind the fuse box. From the looks...
  8. BigMF

    How to read Lexus service records.

    Hello, While under the hood yesterday, I got curious about my battery and tried to figure out how old it is. Rubbing the dirt from the label where the month and year of when the battery was sold are supposed to be marked, I found nothing marked. I looked at the Lexus service records on the...
  9. BigMF

    Alignment needed after getting new wheels/tires?

    All, I've seen multiple posts on here stating that I should get an alignment now that I've bought installed new tires and wheels. Is that because of the new components perhaps not matching the stock configuration or just a generally good practice after new tires? The reason I ask is that my...
  10. BigMF

    VSC/4Lo/ABS lights - C1268 code

    All, I'm pretty bummed. I literally just got new tires and wheels on my rig yesterday and today I'm having issues. I confess that I may have done something incorrectly and broken something but I'm sure hoping not. Here's the scenario: Took the truck to try out the new tires a bit. It's is...
  11. BigMF

    Builds  LEXpedition Overland Build Thread

    Hello all, Just starting out with my 2011 LX570. I'm hoping to build a rig that will take me (and my wife and/or kids occasionally) on some great adventures. I will not be building a rock crawler or mudder. Simply something that is reliable and will get to those places that are off the beaten...
  12. BigMF

    Method MR313's on LX

    Anyone have experience with the 17" Method MR313's on their 2011'ish LC or LX? They have a +25 offset and I've read one person say here that they should fit, similar to the Icon wheels with the +25 offset. Thanks in advance!
  13. BigMF

    Moto Metal 17" wheels on 2011 LX570?

    Hello all, first time poster here. I'm looking to upgrade (downsize?) the wheels on my 2011 LX570. I currently have the factory 20" wheels but want to go down in size so I can get the benefits associated with that. I've heard that there are limited options in the 17" range, specifically the...
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