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  1. meps161091

    Central Locking

    Hi all, Here is another central locking post....maybe with a difference So ive got 2 keys with remotes built in and a vallet key - only one of the key blades work in any of the barrels, so im using that currently. But would like to get either the other. key with remote reground or a new blade...
  2. meps161091

    1HD-FTE fuel pump

    Hi all, Recently brought a new to me landcruiser - im impressed with it! But last week it died on me, engine management light came on, no power. Quick google brought up the accelerator position sensor plug, on the top left of the engine, checked all the plugs, seemed fine, even did the wiggle...
  3. meps161091

    New cruiser owner

    Hi all, Signing up here to learn, document and post on my learnings for all to laugh, smirk and maybe find useful at some point in time. I have recently purchased a 100 series land cruiser, specs below: 2001, red, 4.2 1hd-fte 4 speed auto, VX model with cream leather and wood effect interior...
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