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  1. Stevevoid

    Tweeting wastegate on LJ70 turbo

    Hi all Continuing on the path of resolving power issues on my 1986 round headlight Lj70, I’ve got a reconditioned turbo arriving shortly, hopefully this will help, the last one wasn’t in amazing condition and was spitting a lot of oil. A few people have told me it’s possible to add washers to...
  2. Stevevoid

    Lj70 1986 Turbo issues

    Hi there, my round headlamp lj70 1986 2.4td is leaking oil from the turbo and the oil is going into the engine intake manifold, it’s dribbling through the manifold seal. Firstly I’m guessing this is bad for the engine as too much oil during combustion. I’m in the process of getting my turbo...
  3. Stevevoid

    Lj70 2.4td 1986 green turbo light

    Hi all I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of power problems on my Lj70, it was lacking power lower down in the rev range, when the turbo kicked in (green light working), it was better but still sluggish. I left the vehicle with a garage this morning to tweak the fuel input on the pump, I’ve...
  4. Stevevoid

    4x4 problem?

    Lj70 1986 2.4 td Evening all, I’ve recently bought this old lady and she hasn’t moved for 9 years so I’m working through various problems... When I put her into 4x4 mode via the H4 button on dash, 50% of the time, the green light doesn’t come on and she won’t go into 4x4. The other 50% of the...
  5. Stevevoid

    Rear brake adjustment lj70 1986 2.4td

    Hi everyone, I’m a Cruiser newbie so just starting the learning process. I’ve got a manual and I’m following it, anyway.. My handbrake was not holding the vehicle, bought new shoes but then after dismantling I realized the old ones were fine, cleaned it all up in the correct way. I adjusted the...
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