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  1. Gsb15

    SOLD  LHD BJ70 13BT swap

    I’m going to be selling my cruiser, it’s a 1986 BJ70 landcruiser left hand drive with a 13BT swap. It is a Canadian market landcruiser with Japanese drivetrain upgrades. 13BT direct injection factory turbo engine. 5 speed with new Asin clutch. Transfer case was rebuilt a few years ago...
  2. Gsb15


    Hey! so its been a while since I've been on here so i thought id make a build/life/other builds update. i posted the other day a few pictures of my new airplane project, sort of a next level back country idea. I'm really excited for it, and somewhat amazed to have the opportunity to be honest...
  3. Gsb15

    Nanaimo club run.... for real

    Hey maybe our 4x4 club should go wheeling? looking to set something up on Saturday the 16th in Nanaimo area... possibly have a club meeting to follow 🍺
  4. Gsb15

    Actually went wheeling today.

    Nothing to crazy, but we decided to get out and lock the hubs at least. We were in the mill Bay Area so we checked out the shawnigan a bit. It’s been a few years since I’ve been up there and I figured we’d probably just find gates. That was pretty true. Renfrew rd is gated and the “high road”...
  5. Gsb15


    So i haven't posted too much in the last while, mostly because my 70 hasn't broken or even really been worked on. but anyway, some of you saw that i bought a new(ish) Tacoma this year. A 2007 TRD. I bought it with dreams of reliability and comfort. However after a while the realization sets in...
  6. Gsb15

    Wanted  bj70 gauge cluster

    its a bit of a long shot, but im looking for a tachometer, or whole gauge cluster from a 12v bj70. so pretty much a 1985 canadian model. im located in victoria BC and would be willing to pay whatever shipping is required
  7. Gsb15

    It was a little cold in my manifold this morning.

    New low score for me.
  8. Gsb15

    For Sale  1986 LHD BJ70 turbo

    Putting out a bit of a feeler for my BJ70, I'm thinking about building a 60 instead. I won't be ready to sell until I have a 60 to replace it. (Going to look at one next week). Not willing to be left cruiserless right now :hillbilly: Anyway it is a canadian BJ70, 3b, 5 speed. 24v. 235,000 miles...
  9. Gsb15

    Club Run and Meeting, Sunday Feb 28th 2016

    Club Wheeling Run and Meeting: February 28th, 2016 Wheeling Details: Plan to leave Hammond Bay Serious Coffee at 10am. We'll put together some route plans, but one option (suggested by Rob) is to head up behind Mt. Benson, try to get to the top and have lunch up there. All cruisers are...
  10. Gsb15

    Starter problems.

    So I've got a bit of a starting problem... Well lack of starting. Stopped for coffee before work this morning and when I went to leave the truck started, but it sounded like the starter was stuck engaged. So I shut down and tried to restart.... Click click. Nothing. So I got a push start from a...
  11. Gsb15

    Remembrance day tugwell run!

    Hey so last weekend we did a recon run to check trial entrances and gates. And we should be good to go for a tugwell run. If anyone hasn't been there it's a great trail up to the lake. Rather tight in sections and very rocky in others. Lots of fun. If your interested we were thinking of meeting...
  12. Gsb15

    Looking for warn 8274 parts.

    So I've got a broken gear on my winch, the small gear that rides on the motor shaft. I bought a new gear but they have changed the style from a key to spines. So in looking for that part, or a whole parts winch. So if anyone's got a sh**y old winch that they don't want to look at anymore, let...
  13. Gsb15

    Tense moment in the old brown truck.

    Came across some pictures from 2013. It was a trip up to tugwell lake on Anderson main. There's a point where running water has washed away the dirt leaving a smooth rock with a 4 foot drop off.... Well I didn't see that from the approaching side. :bang: Anyway things got a little tense as the...
  14. Gsb15

    Trying to clean out my frame. Looking for ideas.

    So I'm trying to do some rust prevention to the black 70, I want to clean and paint the frame in and out as best I can. Unfortunately the fully boxed frame on the 70 series makes it kind of difficult to get anything out of there. As of now there's a lot of dirt and rust chips. I've done this...
  15. Gsb15

    Toyota addiction continues...

    So I've been home from my costal trip for a whole 4 hours...aaaand I've bought another truck. I'm handing over the brown cruiser tomorrow and I have been looking for a toyota pickup for a while to use as a backup/runaround/dd. I was looking for a 2wd but was willing to go for a 4x4 if it was a...
  16. Gsb15

    3b fuel issues

    So I've had a bit of a problem with the brown 70 last 2 days. Left for work yesterday, drove 200ft up to the highway, then got through 1st and half of second before it died on me. Figured it must have been out of fuel (although I thought it was a little early for that). So I pushed it back to my...
  17. Gsb15

    the other one

    so i thought i would give this thing its own thread. i picked it up from Jim with the original intention of stripping the lift and reselling the rest.... but its proved to be pretty solid truck, so I've convinced my friend chris he needs to buy it. we've spent the last two weekend working on it...
  18. Gsb15

    Fj45 at work

    Spotted this in the parking lot today, not sure who it belongs to. Nice shape though. :beer:
  19. Gsb15

    I'm not the only one

    Random google image search for something, and I found this. Kinda familiar.
  20. Gsb15

    24V winch options

    so its about time i'm feeling the need for a winch on the cruiser. I'm not sure what option would be best/easiest. i'd love to get a 24v warn 8274, but have only seen them new and thats not really an option. other than that i was thinking about a factory pto, or maybe converting a 12v warn? or...
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