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  1. Marcus1983

    For Sale WA: 1996 Locked FZJ80

  2. Marcus1983

    For Sale WA: 1996 Locked FZJ80

    Yes - thats what I was trying to show with that picture. I should probably add it to the description.
  3. Marcus1983

    For Sale WA: 1996 Locked FZJ80

    Looks like it is back on the market. Please don't make me post it on craigslist :cheers:
  4. Marcus1983

    For Sale WA: 1996 Locked FZJ80

    Sale pending . . . :flipoff2: Still for sale . . .
  5. Marcus1983

    For Sale  WA: 1996 Locked FZJ80

    Up until recently, I planned to keep this Land Cruiser forever. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time/space to enjoy driving or working on it and I would rather focus on other hobbies. We recently purchased an F-250 (which :princess: loves) and the Land Cruiser (which :princess: hates) is...
  6. Marcus1983

    Can't find OE running boards for my 94

    When I took mine off I couldn't find a buyer -- they went into the dumpster.
  7. Marcus1983

    For Sale WA - Stock 80 Hitch Receiver in Spokane ($50)

    Sorry - it went to the dump.
  8. Marcus1983

    Newbie here just checking in.

    Welcome :flipoff2:
  9. Marcus1983

    Magnaflow Y-Pipe

    This little project stopped a bunch of little rattles an squeaks I had between the different heat shields. I might end up adding a clamp-on heat shield just below the Y to help with floorboard heat:
  10. Marcus1983

    Magnaflow Y-Pipe

    I used the Magnaflow gaskets that came with the y-pope. I used OEM studs, nuts and O2 sensor/gasket. Haven't checked the gaskets yet -- only had it on for a few hundred miles.
  11. Marcus1983

    Magnaflow Y-Pipe

    It is clocked to horizontal. It tucks up nice and out of the way. Should be able to post some installed pictures next week.
  12. Marcus1983

    Magnaflow Y-Pipe

  13. Marcus1983

    Magnaflow Y-Pipe

    I just replaced mine with the Magnaflow. I bought mine from amazon. Quality seems very good and design is better than oem IMHO. No shops would touch my old y-pipe for fear of breaking studs so I pb blasted for like 5 months and the old studs came out with no problems. I omitted 2nd cat and...
  14. Marcus1983

    Happy Day! Weathertech Floorliners Available

    Crap - I see I am like the third thread on this. Still excited.
  15. Marcus1983

    Happy Day! Weathertech Floorliners Available

    Just got an email that Weathertech liners are now available for the 80! This was the top item on my list of reasons to buy a newer vehicle, so I guess I am keeping her... Here is the email: We’re happy to let you know that the FloorLiners for the 1991-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser are now...
  16. Marcus1983

    De-flared poll: weld them shut or just paint over the plugs?

    I lined over nylon plugs after WAY too much deliberation. If I did it again, I would use the foil tape - I used some on the square holes in the rear and it is hardly noticeable.
  17. Marcus1983

    7-Pin Trailer Brake Controller, Brake pedal switch splice

    I just bought the Tekonsha Prodigy RF wireless brake controller and avoided the whole mess of splicing. The thing works flawlessly.
  18. Marcus1983

    For Sale  WA - Stock 80 Hitch Receiver in Spokane ($50)

    I am selling this stock hitch receiver that I picked up last fall. I bought it from a junkyard in Sacramento because I needed to tow a uHaul up to Washington. It has been sitting in my storage space since. I figured I would see if anyone wanted it before I took it to the recycler. Some of...
  19. Marcus1983

    Window Switch Meltdown

    We were getting picked up by father-in-law at LAX (in his 97 80 w/150k) and noticed a burning smell on startup. We assumed it was ash from recent wildfire by his house. Sitting in line to pay for parking and notice smoke coming from passenger rear window switch. Even though we were pretty...
  20. Marcus1983

    Wanted [WA] 80 Series Front Wiper Arm

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