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  1. bagochips76

    Wanted  12HT Needed

    Does anyone have a good running 12HT available?
  2. bagochips76

    Wanted  Belgrade, Montana 1/79-7/80 FJ40 Fan Shroud

    Looking for '79 FJ40 Fan Shroud part #16711-61091. Thanks!
  3. bagochips76

    Wanted  3F Bellhousing Inspection Cover Needed

    Please post up and let me know what you have. Just to be clear, this needs to be from an '85-'87 FJ60. Thanks!
  4. bagochips76

    Wanted  Montana - Needed Good Running 3FE

    Looking for a good running 3FE. Let me know what you have, Thanks!
  5. bagochips76

    Wanted  1989 HJ61 Brake Lines Needed

    I am in need of the some brake lines for a customer's rig. Part numbers 47312-60630 and 47322-60510. These are the ones that connect the master cylinder to the junctions on the frame. They got toasted when the owner installed new batteries backwards and one of the positive posts arced against...
  6. bagochips76

    For Sale  1989 FJ62 For Sale - $6800

    I have an '89 FJ62 for sale. It is in good shape with very little rust. It has 292k miles but runs strong. Transmission shifts smooth and the 4wd works as it should. It has had all of the fluids changed recently with exception of ATF and coolant. No immediate issues other than it needs an...
  7. bagochips76

    Wanted  CT26 Turbo HDJ81 Core Needed for Rebuild

    The title says it all. PM me if you have one available. Thanks!
  8. bagochips76

    Proposed 406 Cruisers By-Laws Amendments for Vote November 17

    Hi Everyone, As we discussed at the previous two meetings, we are proposing two amendments for the the club bylaws in order to accommodate our needs due to continued growth. We will be voting on these bylaws at the meeting this Saturday November 17, 2018 at noon at Map Brewing. In order for...
  9. bagochips76

    Wanted  3FE Needed

    Does anyone have a good running 3FE available? It would need to be shipped to Montana, 59715. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  10. bagochips76

    Wanted  HJ60 Air Cleaner Housings

    I am looking for HJ60 Air Cleaner housings. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  11. bagochips76

    National Public Lands Day September 29, 2018 - Revenue Flats Clean Up

    Hey 406 Cruisers! Its that time of year again! This year's National Public Lands Day Cleanup at Revenue Flats will be from 9am to 12 noon on September 29, 2018. We will meet at Momma Mac's at 8am and hit the road ASAP. Please post up if you are planning on attending so that we can give some...
  12. bagochips76

    SOLD  OEM Style Soft Top -$700 Bozeman, MT

    I have a really nice top for sale that is in great shape. There are no rips or tears and all of the stitching is in great shape. The windows are in great shape as well. This is for the top only, no mounting hardware or bellows. $700 OBO plus shipping.
  13. bagochips76

    For Sale  1999 UZJ100 - $5,000 Bozeman, MT

    For sale is my 100 with rear factory diff lock. It has 261,500 miles on it. It runs great but is due for a timing belt service and it has rattles in the suspension along with some exhaust heat shield vibration. I bought it to fix up but it needs a bit more cosmetically than I wish to deal...
  14. bagochips76

    Wanted  '79 through '84 FJ40 Front Seats Needed

    The title says it all. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  15. bagochips76

    February Meeting - Tuesday February 13 7pm @ Overland Cruisers

    Hey Everyone! This month's meeting will be this coming Tuesday February 13 at 7:00pm at Overland Cruisers. Our feature for this meeting will be the second part of Ryan and LeeWhay's presentation about their overlanding endeavors. This presentation is titled, "The Journey Before the Journey"...
  16. bagochips76

    Wanted  '76 through '80 40 or 55 Series Hub Needed

    Does anyone have a good 40 series (76-80) hub part number 43511-60021? Here is a link for reference… TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 40 55FJ40L-KJA - POWERTRAIN-CHASSIS - FRONT AXLE HUB | Japan Parts EU To be clear, I am not looking for a freewheel hub. This is the component that the rotor bolts to and...
  17. bagochips76

    January Meeting - Map Brewing Saturday January 13 at Noon

    Happy New Year! This year is promising to be another great year for 406 Cruisers and we are set to kick it off with our January meeting which will be held at 12:00pm this Saturday, January 13 at Map Brewing. We look forward to seeing you as many of there as can make it.
  18. bagochips76

    Wanted  2f Head

    I am in need of a flat top piston 2F head that is verified to have no cracks. Thanks!
  19. bagochips76

    November Meeting

    Hey Everyone, This month’s meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at Overland Cruisers. The address is 1413 Gold Ave. Ste 3. We will take care of club business first and then have a special presentation from Ryan and Leewhay Huff who will talk...
  20. bagochips76

    Wanted  Split Case for an Auto HJ61

    I am in need of a split case for an auto HJ61. The one that I have has destroyed input, idler and high speed output gears. Toyota no longer makes the High Speed output gear and finding a used gear just is worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack. So, I'm looking for a verified AUTO...
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