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  1. kongdom

    Will new lift kit solve stock suspension issues?

    I have a 99 LC 100 with 130k miles. All stock. Suspension is making weird noises, but ride and stance seems ok... So I'm not really stressing it, but I do want to prevent anything bad from happening. 3 questions: 1 - I really like the lifted look, so before I throw $ at the stock suspension, I...
  2. kongdom

    Any recommendations for a local shop to install a lift kit?

    In New York - Queens or Nassau County.
  3. kongdom

    Underbody Rust - How Bad Is This?

    I have a 1999 LC100 that spent it's 128k miles life in the New York metro area - nasty winters with tons of snow and road salt. Any "expert" assessments about the rust situation (photos below) on my LC would be much appreciated. How bad is it? Do I need to address these areas ASAP or can it...
  4. kongdom

    Wanted  White Bumper Covers (Front and Rear) for 1999

    I'm looking for a set of white bumper covers (front and rear) in excellent condition (no deep scratches or damage) to replace the stock gray ones on my 1999 LC100. If you only have the front or the back, I will consider that as well. Although, my preference is white, I will also consider other...
  5. kongdom

    Newb Intro

    Just picked up a one owner, accident-free, rust-free, damage-free white 1999 LC with 127k miles. It was a dealer trade-in. This is my first LC. Bone stock. No mechanical issues. Exterior is in good shape. Interior also in good shape, however, the leather seats were filthy with some surface...
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