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    Headlight Issues

    Hey guys, We recently upgraded to a h4-h1 set up on our fj62 using the susquehanna headlight harness. The difference in lighting is huge, but we have run into a little bit of a snag. When we hit a bump, the brights will randomly turn on and off, it also causes the low beams to flicker. Any...
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    Transmission in a fj62.

    We recently had our transmission rebuilt (picked it up yesterday), it wasn't slipping at highway speeds but the torque converter wasn't fully locking up. It felt like a shudder when we hit a certain speed, and if we were able to kick it over that speed it would get better. Rebuild was expensive...
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    FJ60 LS conversion and trail tailor coil conversion

    This build is insane. Do you have any more information about the sliding rear windows?
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    A440F discontinued parts

    We currently have our Fj62 at a transmission spot local that is working on rebuilding it. They have run into a few issues sourcing some parts, I was wondering if anyone knows if these have been superseded, or if we can find them somewhere other than the classifieds. Part numbers in question are...
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    Anyone purchased a grill from these guys?

    Does this fit a FJ62 too?
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    Wanted  Hitch Receiver FJ62

    I am looking for a hitch receiver that allows me to use my bike wrack.
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    Wanted  FJ62 Radio Brackets

    Looking for a set of OEM radio brackets.
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    Toyota diesel vs Cummings diesel...

    What kind of gas mileage are you guys getting in these swaps? I am dreaming about doing something similar, I am scared what our truck will feel like with a hardtop RTT and a bunch of gear loaded up. The MPG gain would just be an added benefit, but it has me curious.
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    Parting Out Parting out a 84 Red FJ60 with Brown Interior, Runs & Drives in New Jersey

    Do you have a hitch receiver?
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    Hitch carrier for dirt bike on FJ62

    For you guys running this setup, what hitch are you using?
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    Do you have radio brackets?
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    For Sale FJ62 factory radio

    Interested in parting with just the brackets?
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    Radio Brackets

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to find some radio brackets for my '88 Fj62. I have a single din radio with a pocket to install, but I am having a hell of a time finding the brackets I need to install. It looks like the FJ80 brackets are pretty similar, is this my best option? Anyone have a...
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    Buying advice

    Maintenance aside?
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    Buying advice

    The car holds a clean CA title. It was reissued as clean, but shows as salvaged on the carfax report. I guess the biggest question, are we going to lose 5k when/if we go to sell this vehicle? We are not looking to make money, just have fun with something and not loose our asses on it when the...
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    Buying advice

    Hey guys, my girlfriend has been looking for a FJ60 for a few months and we just got back from looking at a car a couple hours from us in Bakersfield,CA. I was hoping to get your advice on this, and see if it is worth the purchase price. The car felt good mechanically, and was a solid 5 foot...
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