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  1. MyToy72

    Synthetic Engine Oil on older 2F

    I am running a rebuilt 2f in my 72 Fj-40 and was wondering if anyone recommends anything other than a good synthetic. I am know there are die hards for specific brands etc. Just curious what others are running and their experience.
  2. MyToy72

    Headlight Replacements

    Looking for aftermarket replacement headlights for my 12/72 FJ-40. Anyone going with any type of LED?
  3. MyToy72

    Best Replacement Dizzy for 2F

    Been a bit since I have been on the forums since my build was completed, but am at the point where I am looking into some upgrades for my FJ-40. I have a hybrid ride with a 12/72 frame/body with a 1985 2F, and FJ-60 Power Steering and front discs. My old dizzy and igniter is getting tired...
  4. MyToy72

    Broken Transfer Case

    Been quite a bit since I posted. Life always gets in the way. Looking for a little insight about fixing my broken transfer case. I have a 72 Fj-40 with a 79 4 speed tranny. Long story short what I believe happened is my drive shaft came off of the transfer case yolk and spun up and broke...
  5. MyToy72

    Leaking Oil Pan Fix

    So I have been chasing an oil pan leak since I got my rig on the road over a year ago and it was making me nuts. Finally got tired of it and pulled the pan, but how to find the leak? I got the bright idea to pull it, clean it up and then fill it with water. I then put the compressor to the...
  6. MyToy72

    Electrical Issue with 12/72 horn-brakes-flashers

    I have a 12/72 (73) FJ-40 I did a complete frame off build on. I have had it on the road for about a year and recently I noticed the brake lights were not working. So I looked at the fuse and it was blown. Put in a new fuse and it blew as soon as it touched the fuse block. (good sized...
  7. MyToy72

    2F Coolant Question

    I have a 1972 FJ-40 with a 1985 2F that has been rebuilt. New Radiator, water pump, thermostat etc.... I have just recently gotten the rig on the road and now after driving it a bit further than usual (15-20 miles), just breaking in the rebuilt engine and working out the bugs etc..... I get a...
  8. MyToy72

    Fuel Gauge Questions

    I have been having some issues with my gauges now that I have my truck on the road. I was able to use the below thread to correct my Temp Gauge issue, Thanks Rudi. My question. My fuel gauge has been tested per Rudi's thread and it works fine. I installed a new tank and a new sending unit...
  9. MyToy72

    Dizzy for 2F

    I seized an engine in my 1972 FJ-40 and got a 2F out of a 1985 FJ-60 as a donor motor. Long story short it has been a long journey to get the engine rebuilt, correct components fitted to it and the final steps to get it started. My next step is to get the distributor installed. I have read...
  10. MyToy72

    For Sale  Fuel Tank 1964

    Fuel tank-Filler and straps from a 1964 FJ-40. Helping a friend who does not have a mud account to sell this tank. Tank is in really good shape and was in use before it was replaced with a large under bed Auxiliary Tank. Located in Southern Maine. Asking $300 OBO. If interested PM me and...
  11. MyToy72

    Belt Pulley Real Time Help F to 2F Replacement

    Folks, I have been going back and forth on the forum for months trying figure out the proper configuration and pulley combination to support an F to 2F change. My rig is a 12/72 FJ-40. I put a rebuilt 2F from a 1985 FJ-60 into the truck. I am putting it back together and felt I had done all...
  12. MyToy72

    2F Belt Configuration (Real Time Help)

    Changing out a seized F for a 2 F and am still fighting the water pump, pulley, belt configuration in another thread. Does this configuration look correct? Thanks for the help. Sorry about the orientation of the picture. For some reason when I take photos with my phone they don't cooperate...
  13. MyToy72

    4 Speed Shift Cover Pin Issues

    I have a 1972 FJ-40 that I put a 4 speed in. I needed to remove the shift to perform some work on the engine and transfer case and when I twisted the shift console cover plate one of the pins inside the top of receiving sleeve on top of the transmission fell out. I was able to recover it but...
  14. MyToy72

    2F Oil Plug Leak

    My 2F just came back from the machine shop after some head and valve work to replace an F that seized the #2 crank bearing. Anyway, this motor is relatively new to me and never had oil in it when I picked it up as it was already removed from the Fj-60 it came out of. The machinest told me that...
  15. MyToy72

    Changing from F to 2F Belt Configuration ??

    Long story short I seized a Crank Bearing on my1972 FJ-40 with an F engine, so ended up deciding to replace it with a 2F. Fast forward. The 2F had some work done on it and it comes home tomorrow from the machine shop. In the short term I want to just get the engine in my truck and get it...
  16. MyToy72

    Warn 8274 rebuild tip

    So while I am waiting for my 2F to come back from the machine shop I finally got around to rebuilding my Warn 8274. Had the parts for 6 months. Anyway, I watched some of the you tube videos etc... that were a big help, however, I did one thing to rebuild the brake that, I think made it...
  17. MyToy72

    Transfer Case Seal or Spline Leak?

    I have a 1972 -40 with a 1979 4 speed tranny. I have had a drip under the e-brake even after I had the tranny re-done with new gaskets etc... I have read quite a few threads here on Mud about this issue but I am not still not clear if I have a Transfer Case Seal issue or a Spline Leak issue...
  18. MyToy72

    Looking for Hoop Shock Mounts

    I have seen at some point a YT member that I thought made custom Hoop Shock Mounts that could be used with the FJ-60 Power Steering modification, but can not seem to find the name again. It was somewhere in Western NH I thought. Also looking for some additional parts to complete my PS parts...
  19. MyToy72

    Power steering with stock steering wheel

    Ok, I know just enough to be dangerous so apologize in advance for my question. I want to install Power steering with FJ-60 donor parts on my FJ-40. From everything I have seen in the FAQ's it looks like I need to use an FJ55 column. My question, has anyone done a PS conversion and kept...
  20. MyToy72

    2F -What are the valves telling me?

    Seized an F motor in my 72 Fj-40 and finally got around to getting a donor 2F. I picked up 2F out of a 1985 FJ-60 pretty inexpensively for a few hundred bucks and have begun to tear it down, clean it up etc... I have attached a few photos. First of all , I am mechanically inclined but NOT...
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