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  1. delmandi

    5.29's 10 Spline and Ring Bolts

    I ordered motive gears, month ago, too late to return. Upon taking apart my 3rds, we noticed yoke splines are either 27 or 30 on the new set. And the ring gear is not threaded for the bolts. Does anyone know where I can get the older 10 Spline yoke with threaded Ring gear? Or am I stuck...
  2. delmandi

    2009 Right Side Mirror

    Any recommendations on replacement side view mirror. Wife decided to side swipe someone on the side of the road the other day. Luckily it was just the mirror. I found this on Ebay, can anyone confirm if this is a direct fit? TOYOTA Landcruiser J200 08/2007-ON RIGHT HAND SIDE DOOR MIRROR...
  3. delmandi

    For Sale  FEELER:1970 FJ40

    Hello all, I am selling our 40 to help fund our 200 series build/ have some extra cash since I am having to take off work longer than expected from a recent car accident. 1970 FJ40 with Hard Top 8274 with new motor Bumpers I built for it, rear has cooler rack that will hold Yeti 45 and 35"...
  4. delmandi

    Real Time; Check VSC System

    So im offshore at work and wife is stuck at at the park with my daughter. She messaged me and said the the "Check VSC Systems" is displayed and the truck won't start and no the lights are flashing but the headlights and windows work. Any ideas. Did a quick search and didn't find anything that...
  5. delmandi

    Temp Spacer kit

    Anyone know who has a temp spacer kit? I have radflos on the wife's rig that I need to send off to get rebuilt and I have the stock coil overs at the house, I just want to put a spacer in there to get the same ride height to keep the tires from rubbing while the radflos are out.
  6. delmandi

    Sensitive Brake Pedal

    I think I've gone through most of the threads on here regarding brakes. Long story short, it was recommended we get our brakes looked at, and there is a noticeable difference in the pedal throw from any other vehicle I've driven. When braking the pedal seems to go quite a ways down before...
  7. delmandi

    Tie Rod/Drag link/ TRE upgrade

    I need to do some TRE maintenance on Little Red, I put on a TPI lift a couple years ago and installed his drag link with TPI TRE's that fit just fine to my saginaw conversion. Ive got some death wobble going on now and am narrowing it down to the TRE's at this point. The end at the pitman are...
  8. delmandi

    For Sale  '08 Triumph Thruxton (Memphis)

    Selling my thruxton for 40 parts '08 Triumph Thruxton 7,XXX miles British customs pipes and K&N filters and re jetted carbs. Dyno tuned at dealership. Just listed on CL for $5500. Mud price is $4800 OBO. PM or email me photo by mark.delgadillo, on Flickr
  9. delmandi

    3 spd Gears Sticking

    I did some searching and couldn't find something for what she's doing. All gears work fine, no problem shifting, but when it comes time to shift the gears seem to be getting pretty sticky. Meaning difficult to pull out of 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I believe I noticed this a while ago but didn't...
  10. delmandi

    For Sale  2F & 4spd w/ xfer case

    2F and Front Axle UPDATE Tested compression by hand cranking the motor, getting 30# but that is dry and cranking buy hand. Someone take this thing!! Have a parting out thread here but though I would post these items over here...
  11. delmandi

    Rear Bumper Build (First Time)

    Rear Bumper Build (First Time) *partially started over Been after a rear bumper for a while and didnt want to pay a fortune. Thanks to a buddy from work (4xsteve), who donated the back bone 2"x6"x1/8" piece of steel I am off. Planning on keeping cost around $200, So far with the donation of the...
  12. delmandi

    '70 Painless Kit

    '70 Painless Kit *POST INSTAL* Pulled the trigger on a Painless 12 circuit kit. Wish me luck. Any advise would be appreciated. I have read a ton on here already. Don't think it will be too hard. Going to try and take care of it next weekend. I will post pics and details once the drama begins...
  13. delmandi

    Jan 1981 fj40

    Jan 1981 fj40 MISC Whats left Everything is gone but these few things, make an offer. We are moving back to Texas in the next two months and are expecting a baby and I don't have room to move them. Shipping is on the buyer, unless you are somewhat local. Can also mud ship to seattle area if...
  14. delmandi

    amp meter bypass??

    I wanted to install some aftermarket gauges since my temp and oil pressure dont work in the dash. I picked up a set of 3 from the local parts store, oil pressure works, temp works, volt meter works, but 40 wont start. Is this because I disconnected the amp meter? I am assuming so? Since I...
  15. delmandi

    What parts do I have

    Hi everyone, new to the 40 crowd, recently picked up my first 40 and had some questions on parts so I know what I can upgrade to, convert to and swap out since it came with a parts 40 too. 1970 FJ40, around 6" of lift, body lift and looks like an old POS 4" rancho kit with P/S. So my...
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