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  1. raevenzero

    Ryan's 80 Build/Swap

    Nothing exciting to post yet. My engine is *mostly* together and I finally got my transmission back after 9 months at a shop. Work has been busy and the weather lousy, but I'm starting to put the pieces together. I'm expecting things to really take off very soon and thought I would start a...
  2. raevenzero

    MUDShip  Empty 18' Flatbed trailer from Augusta, GA to Moline, IL

    18' flatbed car trailer and empty 8' truck bed. Heading up to pick up some things from my other house and bring them back to GA. If you have something near Augusta or along the way, please let me know what and where. We'll working something out. Leaving February 24th and arriving on February...
  3. raevenzero

    Trade  WTT 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100cc for FZJ-80 - NW Illinois

    I have a 2006 Yamaha V Star Classic 1100cc motorcycle that I would like to trade for something in the 80 series family. 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic obo Mileage is not a huge issue and I don't expect anything pristine. I'm looking for a straight body, lockers, good frame. I plan...
  4. raevenzero

    2nd Gen Tacoma Tech

    We recently purchased a 2012 Tacoma DoubleCab TRD for Nicole that will also be used for mild wheeling and family adventures. In fact, we just came back from a 4 day camping trip in our new to us Tacoma which was pulling an Aliner Scout camper which we rented. I'm pretty impressed with the...
  5. raevenzero

    LF: Parts 4Runner?

    Looking for a few parts or a 4Runner that someone is looking to get rid of. Doesn't need to run, can be a hunk of rust. I just need a hood, cab top from pillars up, and windshield. I'd buy the parts if someone has them, but I'm hoping that someone knows of a 4runner with a bad engine or with...
  6. raevenzero

    My Dad Is Going to be in New Orleans

    He's going to a convention or something of that nature and will be there the Jan 27-Feb 7th. He said he'll be busy but is definitely up for drinks if he can fit it in to the schedule. He'll be in the downtown area, French Quarter.
  7. raevenzero

    Possible New Guy

    I'm looking for a new job and I'm looking at Rock Island Arsenal and at Fort Gordon. We have some family down in the Gordon area. Anyway, I'm trying to get a feeling for the local club and I heard this was it. I was really disappointed when we moved to IL and there was no club. If I land...
  8. raevenzero

    Anyone do a tube bed on a 4runner?

    I rolled my 4runner at SCC. I plan on grafting a pickup roof onto the it, keeping the ability to use removable tops. I'm going to exo the cab and build full tube front fenders. I have collapsed my passenger bedside twice now. What I would like to do is remove the mangled skin and replace it...
  9. raevenzero

    Wanted  1st Gen 4runner driver side tailgate latch cable

    No hurry, just want to do some interior work in the spring.
  10. raevenzero

    What is the battery configuration in your Diesel Hilux

    Originally, my truck was set up with dual 750 amp Optima Red Tops. Needing space, I dropped to one and everything was fine. That was, until the temps got down to about 0. Anything over about 10*F was fine. The truck would crank over with glow plugs running, but it just wasn't fast enough to...
  11. raevenzero

    My first paint job

    ^ besides rattle-can stuff. I'm just using some Valspar products. The primer and black are anti-rust armor. The blue is Ford blue tractor paint. It is the closest cheap paint that I could find to Toyota Electric Blue. It is oil based enamel and no, I am not going to sand and buff it. If I...
  12. raevenzero

    In St Paul?

    There's a silver FJC sitting up here at the army reserve center with TX plates, metaltech and katemcy stickers plus loss of character...anyone know who this is?
  13. raevenzero

    For Sale  '82 2wd parts truck and 22re parts.

    Parting out an '82 Toyota pickup that is in good shape (for it's age). 2wd Downey Torsion Bars Double Shock steering stabilizaer 2 HID light ballasts. Bullbar with off road lights. Top mount intercooler. Truck is blue and has good glass, including rear window with slider. I bought...
  14. raevenzero

    Ryan's 4Runner Diesel Swap

    I thought this deserved its own thread. I left here Friday after work at around 3pm, picked up a truck bed full of various FJ40 parts in Bloomington, IL, and headed toward the east coast. 2 days and 1700 miles later, I unloaded this from a Uhaul trailer. It's sitting and...
  15. raevenzero

    Davenport, IA to Baltimore, MD - Round trip

    Feb. 24th-26th. Looks like I'll probably have an empty car dolly and bed space on the way to MD and just bed space on the way back. Looking to offset trip cost. PM me if you have something along I-70 or 80.
  16. raevenzero

    For Sale  22re

    This is out of a '94 and has had everything swapped over to work with an '85 harness. I also have extra parts. I was told that the engine had a crawler cam when I bought it, but have never checked. I bought it with 150k and have probably ran it about 20k. Very reliable so far. Doesn't use...
  17. raevenzero

    Wanted  L Engine to W transmission Bellhousing

    PM me if you have one or know where I can get one. Thanks!
  18. raevenzero

    Looking for aftermarket mirror options.

    I've seen a few Jeep mirrors that might work, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I played in the sloppy stuff this weekend and lost both of my side mirrors on my 4Runner. Now, I would like to go with something that I can mount on the side or top of the front fenders or maybe on the A...
  19. raevenzero

    Tail light wiring.

    Hey guys. Building a new rear bumper for my '85 and moving my tail lights down into it. I know this thing used to have a converter box on it for trailer lights and that turn signals are separate from brake lights. Can I use tail lights that use brake and turn lights on the same wire or do I...
  20. raevenzero

    My junk sliders.

    Posted this up on a club forum. Take a look if you want. This was easy, considering that there are no bends and there is some pretty simple welding involved. All this took was some 6" channel, 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 3/16" square tube, and a little 1/8" x 6' flat stock...
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