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    Gobi Toyota FJ40 Stealth Roof Rack opinion ?

    Old thread but some more info. I bought a gobi for my Fj40 with soft top and RTT. Gobi rack swing the front Windows 1inch rear and front when break is apply with RTT. Need To install a cross-member from roll bar to front window to reduce this swing problem. I'm Thinking about installing 2 rods...
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    For Sale B engine 1979 rebuilt with rebuilt diesel pump

    Picture will be post during the next days. I live in Quebec, Canada. About 2h from USA borders(Vermont,N-Hamphire, main).
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    For Sale  B engine 1979 rebuilt with rebuilt diesel pump

    I try to find someone that need a rebuilt B engine with rebuilt diesel pump from a 1979 BJ40 24 volts. New piston, piston sleeves, bearing, machined oil pump, I have a set of timing gear from a 3B. Rebuilt 24 volts alternator. New water pump. Power steering bracket (home made) New seal, new...
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    B engine power issues...

    You can't jump Teeth. The wear you have will need news parts and gears or like I did : Send it to a machine shop and put a needle bearing on your idle gear. Look also at your oil pump for wear... it's easy when your cover is open. Will tell you how mutch trouble this oil trouble give you. Look...
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    B engine power issues...

    It's a vent for the altitude compensator.
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    B motor Oil pressure issues?

    What was you pressure before the rebuild ? The first time you start your engine after a rebuild, you need to put some oil in the pump. I don't do it when I do mine and it's was like you said. It's take about 5 sec to build pressure. After that your pump don't keep is oil inside and need to...
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    Wanted Need : input shaft H55 from F or 2H

    Always need and input shaft 10 spline for F or H engine
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    B engine Highway trouble

    I turn my fuel to near nothing. To have just enough to reach 100km/h and it's always the same. I remove the turbo.. and it's worst. Turbo give i'm more air to keep EGT lower. I will look if the head have something. maybe returning it to have it test for everything. Rocker, valve, steam seal are...
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    B engine Highway trouble

    Juste before my 6.2 Gm swap. I want to have some clues about my B engine. I rebuild injector, diesel pump and motor. so the complet engine is like new. When I run on highway, I have high EGT temps 1100F at 100km/h 2200rpm. (often talk about it) When I put my transmission to neutral on...
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    Input shaft H42 10-corse to H55 21-fine

    I send you a PM, if you need some part for a swap, tell it to me, maybe I have some lying outside (3B Bellhousing etc..)
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    Looking for rectifier (+) Aftermarket ?

    Yep It's because the guy who weld the diode doesn't know how to do that. Diode doesn't blow by itself. If you heat to mutch you melt it but you can test it with a Fluke( multimètre) . I did mine 4 years ago before I rebuilt the complet kit. My diode blow because of a short inside the wiring...
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    Looking for rectifier (+) Aftermarket ?

    rectifier can be rebuild.. is it because it's to rusty to be repair ? because diode is not so hard to weld. Good rebuild shop will do that for 10$ ?
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    Why exactly does a 3b tranny have a long input shaft & gas tranny doesn't

    No it's not. Gasoline engine don't have the starter on the driver side like the B engine. Certainly not the same starter and flywheel. Clutch from B engine is smaller too I think. So nothing from F engine will fit on B engine. For a swap of engine, you need the bellhousing, slave cylinder...
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    Why exactly does a 3b tranny have a long input shaft & gas tranny doesn't

    If so, I have a H55 B fine spline input shaft spare in exchange of a coarse spline H55 input shaft. In other way, I think that this is because the B engine is smaller then 6cyl. an sit 1 1/2'' near front. The bellhounsing is 1 1/2'' longueur I think so the drive line is at the same place then...
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    Wanted  Need : input shaft H55 from F or 2H

    I need and input shaft from a F or 2H engine... 10 spline coarse.I can exchange If someone need a h55 fine spline input shaft. I have many other part. like bellhousing, transmission,body mount 79 and less etc for exchange
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    Input shaft H42 10-corse to H55 21-fine

    There no way to send it to a machine shop ? cut 1 1/2'', add some metal and put it on the milling to do some new spline ? I know it's forged steel but I already do that with an other car.. but not with a powerplant twice bigger then the B engine. What do you think ?
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    Input shaft H42 10-corse to H55 21-fine

    I will put a Ranger torque splitter in my BJ40... My B engine don't turn my 33'' tire enough and always have my high EGT at 60m/h. So I change my engine in the same time to a 6.2 379CI GM diesel engine. I have two of those engine for 200$ and share the same bolt pattern then a 350 if I'm not...
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    6.2l GM V8 to H55F

    Already have a 6.2l V8 gm and H55F lying on the ground. I saw a marks adaptor for Bj40 B engine. Did some of you did the swap ? B to GM V8 Dieseler 6.2L pre 86 I'll buy the adaptor shortly and want to know what I need to buy to fit this kit. I read a leat 10 tread about it.. but I don't...
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    no oil pressure, safe to drive?

    oil cut off.. is for your safety... certainly don't run it if you don't know well your engine. Mine is remove.. but I have a mecanical gauge for oil pressure. Don't run it if you don't know if you really have oil pressure. If it's run ruff at start.. and no oil pressure... that don't show me...
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    Engine oil cooler ..

    It's a standard oil filter I think. 2F, B , 2B, 3B ... have the same big Wix filter. Don't remember the number. The sandwich adaptor come with 4 bolt with different dimension and hole size for different filter tread and size. If you have a homemade turbo.. look at your oil return .. I need to...
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