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  1. bcsteel

    Opinion on Lexus 470

    Looking for a family hauler....soon. A friend has decided to sell his 98 lx470. We have known the owner of the truck for at least a dozen years as well as the previous owner. Truck has been mostly used as a commuter and no off-roading what so ever. Has 364,000km which is 226k miles. Body is...
  2. bcsteel

    Wanted  80 or 100 series in BC Canada

    already posted in 100 series section but thought I’d try this one too. Looking for either a 80 or 100 series. I’m in BC. Looking for a family wagon.
  3. bcsteel

    Wanted  100 or 80 series in BC Canada

    As title states. Looking for a family wagon, something that’s fine as a daily driver. 100 or 80 series. Fairly priced please. Not looking to spend mega dollars on an overlanding build. Pm if you have something and we can discuss. I’m in Northern BC.
  4. bcsteel

    2h/12ht 24v starter contact p/n?

    Anybody have the correct part number for this? I searched and found nothing.
  5. bcsteel

    Wanted  24v Voltage Reg. For hj60/61

    As above, looking for 1or 2 60 series 24v VR in decent shape. Shipping to Terrace BC Canada. Can do do PayPal or EMT. Sellers preference.
  6. bcsteel

    12ht starter stuck on now smokes

    Came home today. Shut the truck off. Restarted the truck to move it. The starter motor stayed engaged. Eventually got it to turn off. I restarted the truck and it was not good. Tons of smoke and ran rough. Shut it dow. 3rd start. it runs fine but smokes Blue smoke. Anyone ever see this before...
  7. bcsteel

    Wanted  60 series AC Bezel

    looking for one those.Shipping To Terrace BC Canada
  8. bcsteel

    Wanted  Arb front bumper. 60 series

    Looking for an arb 60 series front bumper. I’m in northern bc Canada. Shipping might be tricky on this. Just thought I’d throw out a Hail Mary.
  9. bcsteel

    Hj61 fender flare removal

    As title states. Anyone done this? I’ve never been a fan of them and would to see them gone. Looks like some potential fill welding on some of the mounting holes?
  10. bcsteel

    Hj61 Seat covers and carpet

    Anyone in here installed a new carpet set for a 61? It’s an 89 high roof. I assume that it’s the same as a 62? Also it’s got the front seats that say turbo on the backrest. Sound like to put some canvas covers on them. Can this be done?
  11. bcsteel

    New to me 60

    Previous Owner and I have been talking about exchanging this for some time. It’s a lhd conversion, high roof 12ht, 5spd etc. FF rear, no lockers. Clean frame and better than average body Known issues include, Rear heater not working Some slop in the steering and needs an alignment Needs a...
  12. bcsteel

    Wanted  Hj61 high roof headliner

    Looking for the above. Located in Terrace, BC Canada.
  13. bcsteel

    24 Alt and Starter rebuild

    There aren’t any shops up here in the north that will touch my spare alternator and starter. Would like to have a spare rebuilt on shelf. Anyone know of a good shop on the island or lower mainland that won’t Fawk this up?
  14. bcsteel

    Wanted  Egt and boost gauge

    Anyone have a egt and boost gauge sitting around they want to part with? No digital stuff, going into a 24V truck, analog preferred. Would like a complete setup with probe etc. I’m northern BC so likely need to be shipped. Just testing the waters before I buy new.
  15. bcsteel

    Hj61 or Tacoma?

    If you guys had a choice of either newish Tacoma or a LHD fairly rust free hj61 what would choose? 61 needs some love but not too much. Tacoma would likely be drama free for many years. 61 is a 5spd with open diffs and a pto winch. New vsv valve and converted to manual 4wd. In other words no...
  16. bcsteel

    Opinion on gozzard body panels, not tub

    I've got an 84 bj42 with an aluminum tub/cowl. Restored doors, hardtop sides etc. I'm in northern bc and our climate is very wet and prone to rust. Going to pull the back doors for an Aqualu tailgate hatch combo and am think of looking into gozzard hardtop sides and driver/passenger doors. Any...
  17. bcsteel

    Gun racks in 40’s, anyone have one?

    Looking to install a small gun rack in my 42 and need some ideas. Anyone have any? Thx guys.
  18. bcsteel

    Best hard shell RTT for rainy conditions

    Curious on thoughts here? What’s good and what’s not so good for more than average rainy and wet conditions? Also cooler than average conditions. I know nothing about these things but would like to put one on my bj42.
  19. bcsteel

    bj42 radiator

    Done lots of searching...1984 bj42 rad. power steering model, inlet/outlet on the driver side. filler on the pax side. mine is leaking. looking at 1000.00 for re core up here. An ebay aluminum rad is 200.00 any one running these long term and had success? Any other aluminum brands out there that...
  20. bcsteel

    SOR roof rack brackets any good?

    Did a search. So now I’m asking. Looking at doing a roof rack for my 42. There lots of brackets out there. SOR has some and since I’m ordering axle seals I figured why not order brackets as well. There are few other options that look just as good if not better but being in northern bc it’ll be...
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