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    Trail Tailor Hidden Winch Mount works with Badlands Apex works on LX470

    Do you mind sharing how to get the 25% off coupon?
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    For Sale 2006 LX470 - "Museum Condition"

    If I had 65000 to spend I would buy 3 different cruisers and still consider myself more sensible.
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    2000 LX 4 pin trailer plug, converting to 7 pin

    How is the Curt Echo working for you? I am thinking of the same setup for my 99 lx.
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    Power steering tilt motor not working even after replacing with a new one

    The steering column on my 99 lx stopped tilting, telescoping still works. After reading a few posts on this forum they all point to the tilt motor so I bought a brand new one, part #89231-60022. Went to remove the old one and plugged in the new one, but new doesn't move at all either. What could...
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    craigslist  Austin: 2006 LX470 built

    What do you guys think of this car? I was initially highly interested but I am scared of the rust and the busted rear shocks. How bad is the rust? Facebook market link
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    CV Boots leak and front differential leak?

    It was the steering rack. I ended up replacing it, I bought one from a Toyota dealer online ($750) and had it installed, also replaced all the bushings. Now it drives perfect.
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    SOLD 02 LX 470 in Louisville KY

    Do you still have the rear side passenger door? And this molding on the right side?
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    Can a brake rotor rust out like this in a year?

    Thank you guys for replying! Now the only thing is it forms a thin layer of rust on the rotor every night. So it squeals for the first few brakes every morning. Lesson learned: only buy rotors that are coated all around.
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    Can a brake rotor rust out like this in a year?

    A year ago I took my lx470 to a reputed local shop, which I used a lot and have always trusted them, to change the brake pads and rotors. I provided my own parts which are Power Stop KOE1133. Yesterday I took off the wheel for the first time and just discovered that all four rotors are rusted...
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    All around mats with pics

    I recently went to China on vacation I bought them there. I agree it's more G-wagenish, but the seller told me the mats can be washed by water.
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    All around mats with pics

    I got these all round mats, really like them. I should have got the trunk mat too They are custom made for the 100 series. I am going to buy another set for my FJ Cruiser.
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    LED instrument panel/gauge cluster

    ***Update: found the whole unit for sale, just bought a whole bunch*** I thought it could be swapped out like in this picture. I have the same led bulb. pic hosting sites
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    LED instrument panel/gauge cluster

    I hate to bring up this ancient thread, but when I tried to replaced the #74 bulb yesterday, it wouldn't come off the plastic base. Is there any trick to take it off?
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    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    Do you have to use spacer for the front center cap?
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    Transmission fluid questions

    Just did transmission fluid flush last weekend, Lexus of Austin sold me Mobil ATF D/M Dexron III. It shifts much smoother now.
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    Power Steering Rack Leak - Valve?

    No, this is Camelback toyota: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser Parts - Camelback Toyota Parts - Genuine OEM Parts - Free Shipping I end up buying from, $475.71 + $50 shipping to Austin
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    Power Steering Rack Leak - Valve?

    Where did you buy yours from? I found this 44250-60050 - Genuine Toyota GEAR ASSY, POWER STEERING. Camelback toyota lists it as 545 without shipping.
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    Can a LC power steering rack work on a 99 LX?

    Thanks guys!! And @2001LC That's a very good advice, find where exactly the problem is before spending so much money. It's people with so much experience like you and many other who make the forum so great. I know I can never achieve your level or even close, but I'll try to contribute when I can.
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    Can a LC power steering rack work on a 99 LX?

    The steering rack on my lx is leaking slowly. Had to top up every now and then. Since I am planning to keep it for a couple of years, I decided to replace it. I did some research and of course the oem ones are the best way to go, but the Lexus dealer asked $1000 for the part. I found someone on...
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    New Tire? Goodyear Wrangler Authority A/T

    Bought 4 of these for $89 each. Still debating on whether I should get a fifth one.
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