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  1. DHwreckage

    Fixing the stink bug

    Hey guys, have a bit of a stink bug on my rig right now that i want to level out. currently measurements are: DF: 6.75" PF: 7.00" DR: 7.75" PR: 7.75" so i have about 1" to 3/4" of stick bug i was looking at adding some 30mm spacers up front of even a 30mm on the driver side and...
  2. DHwreckage

    max compressed shock length

    Hey guys, i dont currently have front bump stops on my truck or i would go measure but with stock front bump stops what is the max compressed shock length you can fit? i have the slee 4" so in theory ill have to add the 2" bumpstop spacers but i wont know exactly what length extension i will...
  3. DHwreckage

    Wanted  80 series Front Bump Stops

    Hey Guys, I have a 97 LX450 and the the later model Land Cruisers apparently didn't come with front bump stops, so im looking for a complete pair of good condition front bump stops for my truck. im trying to dial in my suspension by spring for wheeling season! let me know what you have, Thanks!
  4. DHwreckage

    Wheel Spacers

    Hey guys, just had a quick question about wheel spacers. i was looking on spidertrax and they dont have any for the 80 series cruiser. will any of the toyota 6x5.5 spacers work on our trucks, i.e. 95-03 tacoma, 1st gen tundra? FYI, I am going to be running Tundra 5 split spoke wheels and need...
  5. DHwreckage

    Wanted  Wheel Spacers for FZJ80

    Hey guys im looking for some 1.25" or 1.5" wheel spacers for my 80 series, 6x5.5 bolt pattern. let me know what you have!
  6. DHwreckage

    For Sale  5 - LX 450 wheels 315 Duratracs

    Hey Guys, i have 5 LX 450 wheels on my cruiser right now wrapped in 315/75/16 Duratracs. all tires have good tread left with no patches and the wheels have no rock or curb rash and they include 4 wheel caps. These are located in Boulder, Co and I am looking to sell them as a whole set, Perfect...
  7. DHwreckage

    FZJ 80 won't start

    Hi guys, My cruiser has been giving me some starter problems recently. The problems seemed to have come with the cold but occasionally when I go to start my truck nothing happens. No starter click, nothing. The past few times it has started either a few minutes to 30 minutes later. But now my...
  8. DHwreckage

    Trade  WTT 4x4 Labs Interior cargo basket for Slee Stripper pole

    Hey guys i am looking to trade one of my 4x4 Labs interior cargo baskets for a slee Stripper pole. i will post up picks when i get home from work today but they have been installed but look brand new. Im looking at the Slee Stripper pole becasue i would like to mount my CO2 tank and hi-Lift to...
  9. DHwreckage

    For Sale  80 series Roof Rack

    Hi all, i am selling a half length roof rack from my 80. I am not sure of the brand, it looks like a diamond rack but it is in excellent condition and includes all 6 feet. Roof Rack is Located in Boulder Colorado. let me know if there are any questions or if you want more photos. 200 obo
  10. DHwreckage

    tundra double 5 spoke wheels in AZ

    i figured id leave this here, they said they dont want to ship some maybe someone in AZ can get a REAL good deal if your in the m arket for some 17's Estate sale with 5 tundra wheels for 165...wish i could snag them up but oh well!
  11. DHwreckage

    tundra oem double 5 spoke

    I was wondering if anyone could post up some pic's of them running the older tundra oem double 5 spoke like these: i want to run these with either 35/12.5's or 37/12.5s. did you have to run spacers, new lug nuts etc.? let me know what...
  12. DHwreckage

    Wanted  WTB: FJ80 exhaust shielding

    Hi im looking for the exhaust shielding that protects the body where the exhaust bends over the frame rail, not looking to spend a bazillion dollars but let me know if you have one, i live in CO currently so if theres one in state even better!
  13. DHwreckage

    Shockwave constantly crashing

    I dont know if its because the new MUD site has more shockwave adds or something but 75% of the time when i try and look at threads or even forums my browser keeps loading and eventually gets a shockwave crashed error. is this something the new site is doing to make this happen? am i crazy? does...
  14. DHwreckage

    Magnaflow spun catalytic converters

    Hey guys, I have looked far and wide for the answer to my question but haven't found it. My cats are toast and need replacing and i want to use the magnaflow cats PN# 51656 which are OEM grade spun cats. Since colorado does a visual check i need two inline. i just wanted to know if anyone has...
  15. DHwreckage

    97 FZJ cat back exhaust

    so a little background just had my O2's replaced and one of the studs holding the rear O2 snapped and to replace it i need a new cat back exhaust or at least the pipe from the rear cat to the stock muffler replaced but seeing that the stock muffler is cracked i think it needs replacing as well...
  16. DHwreckage

    failed emissions (high NOx)

    Well i failed my emissions because of High NOx emissions, i have a few therories that i want to run by you guys. My truck is throwing the P0401 code (low EGR flow) could that cause the higher NOx emissions? could my cat be bad causing the NOx emissions? would headers cause increased...
  17. DHwreckage

    80 series dash and door trim

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the 1997 land cruiser trim was the same as the 97 lexus LX 450 trim. reason i am asking is that they only offer factory wood trim for the lexus but the land cruiser can have just about any color of wood or material for that matter. im looking at getting carbon...
  18. DHwreckage

    Wanted  FZJ-80 front DC Driveshaft

    Hey guys, my DC shaft just took a crap on me so im looking for a DC shaft for my truck in-case the one i have on it is not rebuildable and it might be nice to have a spare one if mine is rebuildable. anyways let me know what you have, thanks.
  19. DHwreckage

    Speed dependent squeak appeared out of the blue

    Hey fellow mudders, I have a problem with my 97 LX450 that arised this morning, Half way through my commute to work the truck started squeaking BAD! so i pulled off the road to see if it was my engine or drive train. it turns out the the squeak is SPEED dependent NOT rpm dependent. i am...
  20. DHwreckage

    Question for CO 80 owners

    Hey guys, Today i tried to get my 80 emissions tested and registered but after i waited in line for over an hour the guys at the station in Boulder told me that my tires were to big but couldnt tell me if they were too tall or too wide they just kept saying too big. So my question is, are there...
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