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  1. cederholm

    Multi functional display screen not working - how to fix/replace?

    Hey guys, The little display screen between the gauges stoped working. It was flickering on and off for a little while now it's black. Anyone know how to replace it? Thanks, Carl
  2. cederholm

    door panel removal advice needed

    The passenger door lock on my 200 isn't working and I need to get in there to check it out. Any advice on removing the door card so I don't ruin it? Thanks, Carl
  3. cederholm

    Air conditioner

    My 81 need a charge. The original AC works but it needs an R12 charge. It seems like I can still find cans or R12 but I've never used it. Any advice and how -to tips? An how much would I need? Thanks, Carl
  4. cederholm

    Power steering squeal

    Something new - my power steering has started to squeal when the truck is cold. Goes away when it's warmed up. Any thoughts? What should I be looking for? Thanks, Carl
  5. cederholm

    1981 FJ60 - heater fan circuit help needed

    I need some schooling on the wiring circuit on my 60. It's an 1981 glasses-fused truck, but looking at the POS Haynes book I have the wiring diagram seem to match a 1982. The heater fan stopped working and while tracking down the issue I discovered that behind the fuse block, the 10a fuse for...
  6. cederholm

    Brake questions

    Hey guys, how many miles before you needed a brake job? Do you always change the rotors? Did you do the front and back at the same time? Thanks, Carl
  7. cederholm

    DIY - door panels

    Hey guys, I needed to replace the warped, rotten door cards. Here is what I did, perhaps it will help someone. It started with the need to replace a blown door speaker. This lead to the discovery that some genius glued the door car to the door after recovering the cloth section of the door. I...
  8. cederholm

    In my clutch shot? How do I know?

    On and off recently I would get a "chirp" in first gear from a stopped position. It seemed like it was coming from the clutch but I wasn't sure. Earlier this week the clutch peddle when halfway to the floor before I could feel resistance (the fluid was full). And tonight in the freezing cold the...
  9. cederholm

    Leaking in the rain

    Hi guys, My 60's driver's floor get wet when it rains and I can't figure out where it's coming from. Originally I thought it was the lower corner of the windshield so I put some silicone there but the floor still gets wet. It's to cold to run a hose and do a thorough check. Are there any...
  10. cederholm

    leaking when it rains

    Out of nowhere my 200 has started leaking when it rains. 2013 to now, no issues and no trauma to the car to cause it. Drops of water are appearing on the front passenger floor mat. They are coming from the firewall area up above the foot area. And that's all I know. There is to much stuff up...
  11. cederholm

    trouble shooting heated wipers

    Hey guys, 2013 - any advice on trouble shooting my windshield wiper heaters? They don't seem to work. Thanks
  12. cederholm

    Setting pinion preload - how to

    Hey guys, while changing the pinion seal on my 1981 60 I discovered I have a solid spacer with shims (I was expecting to use a crush sleeve). After reading a bunch of posts I see that the solid set up is preferred. What I haven't found is how to set the preload. There are mention of the FSM but...
  13. cederholm

    rear pumpkin seal - instructions needed.

    So, I've got a leak in drive shaft seal on the rear end. What's the procedure for replacing it? Thanks guys! ~ Carl
  14. cederholm

    Body patch panels

    Hey guys, Anyone sell patch panels for FJ60? Specifically I'm looking for the lower-rear quarters. Thanks, Carl
  15. cederholm

    Traffic indication stopped working

    It just stopped. Everything else on the GPS is fine but the traffic thing doesn't show anymore, like it's off. ...but it's on. Any thoughts? What did I do? Thanks guys, Carl
  16. cederholm

    New starter issues when hot

    Hey guys, About a year ago I put new starter on my '81 (the starter was for a newer 60, not the older original). This summer on two occasions on hot days - turn the key, nothing. Whack the starer solenoid with a piece of wood and the thing starts right up. Both of these times I was running...
  17. cederholm

    Pressure in gas tank

    When I remove the gas cap the is considerable back pressure. Is this normal, or do I have an issue with some emission valve thing somewhere? thanks guys.
  18. cederholm

    Lug nut ID

    Cleaning out my garage and found a bag of these. 22mm - are they from my old 100 or from an even older Land Rover Disco? I've got 16 of them Thanks! Carl Sent from my iPhone
  19. cederholm

    CB Antenna mount

    Where are you guys mounting your antennas? Let see some pics! Thanks, Carl
  20. cederholm

    windshield wiper heater

    I admit that I don't have the need for it often, but when I do, it doesn't seem to do anything. Do yours work as expected? Thanks, Carl
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