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  1. Alleycats

    Transfer case whine after Royal Purple Synchromax fluid replacement

    Allot of guys/gals in the 80 section run synthetic in their transfer case, but at the same time complain about the whine noise while on the highway. "There are no solutions in life, only alternatives"
  2. Alleycats

    Transfer case whine after Royal Purple Synchromax fluid replacement

    I just use any old 75w 90 GL-5, why over think it. Plus synthetic seams to make the transfer case louder in my experience.
  3. Alleycats

    Hewitt Technologies - SAIS Bypass

    Hey guys, is there a coupon code for the hewitt bypass kit?
  4. Alleycats

    For Sale  Arizona / transmision 3fe
  5. Alleycats

    Overheating Problem

    Bad HG?
  6. Alleycats

    1992 4.0 coolant drain and refill. About 2.2 gallons out and same back in

    Block drain cock is driver side, and can be viewed from the driver side (left) front wheel well.
  7. Alleycats

    New here, first 80

    Nice one dude, and that's my favorite color of 80.
  8. Alleycats

    1992 Help with Rear Brake Drum Removal

    Hey I've done this myself, for me I just wacked it with a 2x4 or maybe a heavy mallet and then it just pulled right off. The only thing securing the drum on there is the lug nuts.
  9. Alleycats

    Leg hair pulling solutions

    You must have quite bushy arms. :rofl:
  10. Alleycats

    A440F kickdown cable question

    Hey, I have the a440 in my cruiser. I just don't think they kick down that well unless your foot is just so on the gas pedal. Yes you can adjust the 'lockdown cable' but at the end of the day even a healthy trans. might not kick down all that great. Remember that the a440 is fully hydraulic.
  11. Alleycats

    What questions should I be asking when buying?

    You should find someone who knows what there doing to come with you to look at prospective vehicles.
  12. Alleycats

    3FE info

    Is your torque converter locking up in overdrive? (OP)
  13. Alleycats

    3FE coolant flush

    Hey, I have a 3fe. Nothing to mysterious about a coolant flush on the 3fe. 1) People use a t valve in the heater hose at the fire wall that allows you too connect a hose and flush as much as you want. 2) The block drain cock is on the driver side which will drain the engine block 3) The...
  14. Alleycats

    Problem with koso temp gauge mod

    You guys really need to lube your hoses ok.
  15. Alleycats

    Toyota head gasket vs non Toyota head gasket

  16. Alleycats

    New 80 Series Owner???

    Is that rust around the fender?
  17. Alleycats

    Too funny. 80 cv joints

    This a****** needs to get his nomenclature straight.
  18. Alleycats

    Radiator- FJ80

    Let us know how it works out.
  19. Alleycats

    Radiator- FJ80

    I believe the fan should is different on the FZJ rad. from the 3fe variant.
  20. Alleycats

    Radiator- FJ80

    Looks like rock auto has a couple aluminum rads. that are under $200.00 , and I've heard green coolant is what you want in an aluminum rad FYI.
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