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  1. prasta

    Wanted  (Cambridge, VT) OEM Front Bumper Cover for 2016+ 200 Series - Any color, any condition.

    Long story short, some joker ran a red light and clipped me in the front passenger side pretty good. Planning on folding a heavy duty bumper into the repair work once the insurance check comes in, problem is, don't have a handle on what bumper I want, and the supply chain is pretty bogged down...
  2. prasta

    For Sale  Northern VT (Cambridge) - 200 Series All Weather Floorliners w/o 3rd Row

    Location : Cambridge, VT (Greater Burlington-Area) Description : Used 200 Series All Weather Floorliners. Does not include the 3rd row. They could use a little cleaning, but I'm looking to free up some space in my garage! Accessories : NA Selling Terms : Would prefer FTF but will split...
  3. prasta

    Backup Camera aka Dirt Magnet

    Hoping the hive mind has come up with some creative solutions for keeping the backup camera clear. Aside from selling my house, and moving somewhere that doesn't rely on a dirt road for access, what are y'all doing to keep your backup camera free of debris? Quick thumb swipe before every voyage...
  4. prasta

    JBL Link -> Google Assistant on iPhone?

    I was in my truck last night, and I get an alert asking me to connect “JBL Link Dr” to Google assistant on my phone... I tried a couple of times to pair it, and eventually the phone just couldn’t find it and I gave up. Is anyone aware of something getting enabled either with our trucks or an...
  5. prasta

    Weird; oily substance seeping out from cutout for righthand side rear sensor

    Hey guys, has anyone seen this before? What appears to be an oily substance is seeping out from around the parking sensor and the frame around the cutout for the hitch... I recently undercoated with FluidFilm, and I'm wondering if some of that is just leaching out, but I thought I would ask the...
  6. prasta

    Wanted  Vermont - LC200 Heritage Edition Wheels x 4 or similar

    Looking for a set of four heritage edition wheels. I’m located in the Burlington VT area, but will travel for the right price. OR. Might be interested in the similar wheel in grey, that comes in the tundra and sequoia TRD variant.
  7. prasta

    Vibration at Idle (~1000 RPM)

    In doing the traditional searching before posing a question that might be repetitive, I stumbled upon quite a few others having issues with various types of vibrations, and I'm left feeling thanks mine is so minor, but either way, I still want to get it figured out! When sitting at a stoplight...
  8. prasta

    For Sale  Burlington VT-area: Yakima MegaWarrior w/ Locks

    Selling a like new Yakima MegaWarrior cargo basket. Comes with 4 attachment points, and 2 locks with keys. Weight: 44.50 lbs. Dimensions: L 52.00 in x W 48.00 in x H 6.50 in Minimum Crossbar Spread 30.00in Maximum Crossbar Spread 38.00in $400 OBO Too large to mess with shipping, will drive...
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