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  1. Random Dan

    Wanted  Window glass for rear barn doors?

    Hello all! I am on the hunt for a RH side rear window for my barn door equipped FJ61. The part # is 68131-90A07. I've seen them come up on Australia Ebay, but nobody wants to ship to US. Toyota doesn't have any in the US either. Anybody have an idea where I might be able to source one? Thanks!
  2. Random Dan

    Is my temp gauge working?

    I searched but didn't find anything that applied. Over the past week my temp needle has been sitting lower than it used to. This is the highest it gets: What's the best way to figure out whether it's actually running cool or the gauge is wrong? I don't have an IR temp sensor but I might be...
  3. Random Dan

    FJ62 PS belt tensioner

    I don't actually have a 62, but I when we put power steering in my truck we used a 3FE pump. I've always found it really annoying to tension the belt, especially without someone else to tighten the bolt while I provide tension. Today I decided to do something about it. I found a tensioner from a...
  4. Random Dan

    OEM/Spector rear seatbelt install

    My rear 3-point belt conversion arrived today, but I can't figure how the retracting lap belt installs. The directions aren't very helpful. Anybody who has these installed can you take a picture or describe how they're supposed to be mounted? Thanks.
  5. Random Dan

    Has anyone put FJ60 rear seat fabric on a 62 seat?

    Trying to come up with a way of putting headrests in my back seat without having to buy seats. I have a gray 62 rear seat back and I'd like to swap my classy brown vinyl upholstery onto it. Has anyone tried this before? Are there any differences other than the headrest mounts? Thanks.
  6. Random Dan

    Still won't idle properly

    Well after replacing my old dissy with one that has working advance, resetting baseline timing, and lean drop adjusting the idle mixture, I'm still having issues with idling. It idles great on start up, but when I clutch in after driving down the road it dies. It's bad enough that if I don't...
  7. Random Dan

    I think my dissy isn't working properly

    A couple days ago I did a valve adjustment and set my timing. Only problem is I was really down on top end power* when I took it for a drive. So I played with the timing a little and after a few test drives I got the power improved. Then I put the timing light on it and my baseline timing was...
  8. Random Dan

    Cooper Discoverer AT3 question

    So I'm looking at buying a set of AT3s for my 61. I like the 31x10.5 size, so I was just going to go with that. Then I noticed that it also comes in 265/75R15 which is virtually the same size, but the tire is slightly different. The main difference seems to be the load rating: the 265 being SL...
  9. Random Dan

    Rough idle after running at high throttle

    Hello all, I tried this in the 60 forum but didn't get any help so I figured since it's a 2F I might have better luck here. My FJ61 has been running for about six months now, but it is having some issues. It is a basic 2F with no smog equipment other than the EGR system. From the factory it had...
  10. Random Dan

    FJ61 2F running poorly

    My 61 has been running for about six months now, but it is having some issues. It is a basic 2F with no smog equipment other than the EGR system. From the factory it had a points dissy but I replaced it with a USA big cap. Issue #1. Rough idle This is kind of a weird one. When it is first...
  11. Random Dan

    New output shaft seal but still leaks oil

    A few months ago I replaced the rear output shaft seal on my t-case with a brand new one from Toyota. A couple days ago the truck was up in the air for exhaust work and I saw that it is still leaking gear oil out. Any ideas what would cause this? Thanks, -Dan
  12. Random Dan

    H55 into '83 60: Crossmember?

    Ok guys, one more question. I've read a couple places that the original crossmember can be reused when swapping in an H55, and other places that say it can't. Which is right? If no, can I bolt an 85- crossmember to my frame, or are the attachment points different? I'll be using 85- drive shafts...
  13. Random Dan

    H55 swap questions

    I have an H55 from a BJ70 that I'm hoping to put in my 61. I have searched and found most of the info I need. What I don't know is if the trans top cover needs to be changed. I know it's different between 40 and 60 series but haven't found anything on 70 series. Anybody know? Thanks
  14. Random Dan

    Anybody used the POR-15 fuel tank repair kit?

    Looking at my options for fixing some surface rust on the inside of my tank. I like the POR-15 kit that has a sealer in it, but I'm not sure how well it would work in a 60 tank. My main concern is the "box" that the fuel pickup sets in, and whether the sealer would end up clogging that little...
  15. Random Dan

    2F losing power, backfiring over 80kph

    When I was first getting my 61 running it had a lot of issues with dying. Thanks to some people on this forum I diagnosed that the problem was due to loose junk in the fuel bowl getting sucked into the jets. So I cleaned out the jets and rinsed out the fuel bowl and it ran great until yesterday...
  16. Random Dan

    Anybody installed a carb fan in their non-USA FJ60?

    Now that I'm actually driving my Cruiser on the road everyday I've noticed it sometimes has trouble starting when warm, which I believe is due to vapor lock in the carb. This makes sense because it has no factory carb fan like a US FJ would. So yeah I'm wondering if any of ya'll have added a...
  17. Random Dan

    Same truck; new problem. Now my carb isn't working right.

    I posted a thread a few days ago trying to diagnose why I wasn't getting a spark at my spark plugs. I wound up replacing my points dizzy with a large cap electronic ignition from a USA 60 and now my spark plugs are sparking happily. But it still won't start. I double and triple checked that...
  18. Random Dan

    Replacing points ignition with 60 series electronic ignition

    Ok, so I actually have a 60, not a 40. But since it has the non USA points dizzy, which I believe is the same setup as a '76 FJ40, I thought I might have better luck here. I'm having troubles with my ignition which I have not had much luck diagnosing. In an effort to get my truck running in time...
  19. Random Dan

    Electrical issue help needed: weak spark from coil wire

    My 61 was running great around the yard up through the bottom end of third gear. So we turned on the insurance and took it out on the road. It got about a mile and then died, we were able to restart it and drove a little further then it died again. It always started back up but kept stalling at...
  20. Random Dan

    Reese Universal Recovery Ring

    Was walking through the automotive section at Walmart and saw one of these. It looks like a good alternative to the typical hitch receiver shackle mounts with more versatility for off-angle pulls. Advance was the only place online that I could find it...
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