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  1. RedHeadedStepChild

    VOBS 2019

    Anyone here signed up for the 2019 Vermont Overland Birdwatching Safari?
  2. RedHeadedStepChild

    Any one around Concord, NH?

    Hi gang, this summer I moved back to New England after 6 years in NC. I've recently been checking out town maps of the area looking for good class VI roads to run. I just tried Leg Ache Rd in Dunbarton and will probably try out the range roads in Pembroke this weekend. Is there anyone around...
  3. RedHeadedStepChild

    What's the handle on your rig?

    The conversations around Grilled Cheese in a recent thread, and The Whore in another, has lead me to start this thread. What is your rig's name and what is the origin story? I currently have: 1981 BJ44 The Jalopy - named by a jealous wife tired of the time and money being spent on the truck...
  4. RedHeadedStepChild

    A southern Yankee returning...

    Hi gang, after a wonderful sunshine filled 5 years in North Cackalackey, I am headed back to the lead grey skys of New England. I've been a member of Olde North State Cruisers for few years now. They are a really great club. If ever any of you are in North or South Carolina, post up in their...
  5. RedHeadedStepChild

    For Sale  2B/3B Injector lines - anyone interested?

    I recently blew the #3 injector line on my 2B. So I wouldn't get stranded again, I figured I'd replace all 4 lines. I am now aware that these are NLA from Mr.T and my preliminary searching tells me no one is making aftermarket versions. I am getting some used lines from Dan at to...
  6. RedHeadedStepChild

    Ok-WTF am I doing wrong? Or ih8drums

    Swapped the calipers out on the 44, and figured I'd take a few minutes and swap the shoes ..... It's been more than a few minutes. The right side went together, but the brakes are nearly locked. For the life of me I can't get the drum even remotely close to going on the left side. I've opened...
  7. RedHeadedStepChild

    almost 1st ever ILM get together for Cruisers and brews...

    @wwjdg2tp @NoJoPro We're the whole gang out here on Cape Fear. Next week is tough for me, and then I'll be in Asheville through the 8th, but what do you guys say?
  8. RedHeadedStepChild

    MudShip. GSO to the coast

    Anyone in the GSO area going to be heading to the Cape Fear beaches anytime soon? There might be a 4Runner front axle shaft with my name on it.
  9. RedHeadedStepChild

    Must hit places between Asheville and Boone?

    March 20ish to 25ish, I'll be taking the wife and kiddies out to Asheville and then up the Blue Ridge to the Boone area. By then my 2 weeks will be up and (if no more trees have tried to crush it) I'll actually pick up a trailer from @pawwright . I'm looking for recommendations on Must-Hit...
  10. RedHeadedStepChild

    For Sale  2 parts Pigs - Calabash, NC

    LAST CHANCE 1972 Toyota FJ55 (2)..... Take 1 or both! These aren't mine, just saw them on the CL.
  11. RedHeadedStepChild

    Jalopy's Redemption: The slow moving revival of a slow moving BJ44

    Last week was a bit slow at work, so I took some time to read the entire saga of Shasta. Upon doing so, I thought it might be a good idea to create some sort of record of my time with my BJ44, "The Jalopy". Now, before we go any further, I will point out that The Jalopy is NOT the name I'd have...
  12. RedHeadedStepChild

    New LC 300? I find it a bit of a shrug...:meh:. I love my wife's 2015 4Runner, but other than that, I've come to expect very little from Toyota. What do you think?
  13. RedHeadedStepChild

    Wanted  BJ-44 Parking Brake Cable

    I'm trying to track down a Parking brake cable for my BJ-44. 1981 RHD Semi-float rear Toyota # 46410-60170 has apparently been delisted
  14. RedHeadedStepChild

    Cables in NC: Repair or custom

    I've just learned of another obscure part on my 44. :poof: The other day as I was dropping the kiddies of at school, I popped it in neutral and pulled the parking brake (because the school requires that they get out on the right hand side and I don't want to back in), and a loud BANG announced...
  15. RedHeadedStepChild

    For Sale  4 15"Rims 31 x 10. 5 15 Conti Trac Tires, Coastal NC

    My 44 came with these alloys. I found some 16" non-USA splits with tires so I'm switching. Rims are in good shape, tires have plenty of tread, but some cracking as you can see form the pics. 4 Rims 4 Tires I'm thinking $250 $175 15" Alloy Rims 9" wide 6 x 5.5" lug pattern 3.5" back spacing...
  16. RedHeadedStepChild

    VDEG 4 has been released

    Tom Sheppard has partnered with Jonathan Hanson to release this 4th edition. Not sure how many they're printing, but I think it will be limited. I got an email notification that they were ready for orders. I had some time to kill at a BP station in Sanford Friday night so I went ahead and...
  17. RedHeadedStepChild

    Carolina Beach Camping Changes

    If anyone's planning on heading to Freeman Park at the North end of Carolina Beach this year, check this article out. Quoting from the end of the article "In a nutshell Between April 1 and Sept. 30: Sleeping in vehicle...
  18. RedHeadedStepChild

    NC/SC Overland Loop?

    Hey there ONSCers, I'm thinking of taking the family on a tour of the great Old North State (and possibly SC) this year. Aside from a few quick trips out to Asheville and one weekend up in Boone, we've pretty much camped out here on the South Eastern coast. I'm hoping you all might be able to...
  19. RedHeadedStepChild

    Searching for 2B Head Gasket

    I'm looking to pick up a new HG for the 2B in the 44. Can anyone point me to a good supplier. Radd Cruisers has been helpful, but they can't seem to get a reply from their supplier in AU. Found one on eBay (from Gaskets4less) for the Dyna, Coaster and 44. Ordered it up and a day later got an...
  20. RedHeadedStepChild

    For Sale  '02 Taco Xtra Cab $8000 (Wilmington NC)

    Ok my long time companion is up on the block. I never intended on selling, but I have twin toddlers that I need to shuttle to preschool, swim lessons, etc. and the Xtra cab doesn't work for 2 car seats. Now I'm looking to move into a 100 or LX470. Here's the skinny: 2002 Gold Tacoma Xtra cab...
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