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  1. chuckost

    craigslist 1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - Central LA - Blue Bad Paint Job But ok price

    No smog! Lot's of $$$ needed right there!!!
  2. chuckost


    I can't get to my records right now for part number, but about 6 years ago I took my old smog pump into NAPA Auto Parts near me when they weren't busy. They helped me look through their rebuilt smog pump catalog which has pictures. Looked under Toyota in years around 1978(my fj49 year) and...
  3. chuckost

    Has anyone swapped different seats on to 40 series bases?

    I have had the same problem repeatedly. Is it possible to swap left and right seats?
  4. chuckost

    '77 fj40 California Help locating vacuum leak and routing of emissions

    My 9/77 only has retard, no advance.
  5. chuckost

    78 FJ40 California Carb/Vacuum/Emissions setup

    Are you interested in selling it?
  6. chuckost

    Carb Rebuild

    I know, I should pay more attention it's been discussed before... I need someone to rebuild a california 1978 carburetor that is disassembled in a box. Don't ask any questions, I don't wish to discuss the details. Lol Anyone out there that does good work without laughing at me? (I couldn't do it!)
  7. chuckost

    Oil pressure sender

    Post what you find out. I have a '78 fj40 (9/77 build) with the same problem. Got busy at work and had to stop messing with it for a while, but what I found out is there are a few different senders right around that time period. If you own a 78 get used to this sort of part # issue. I blew...
  8. chuckost

    Bizarre Issue with a '76 FJ40 - Help is appreciated!

    Drop the oil pan and look around. Metal in the bottom? Check out from the bottom before really tearing into anything.
  9. chuckost

    Carb Problems! Carb Rebuild 101 please!

    I'm still thinking about the chips? you found in your fuel filter...
  10. chuckost

    The unfindable vacuum leak

    Disconnect distributor advance line at carb. Put vacuum to it(suck)! Does air just come through? Blow in it does it seem open? Didn't see year but if vacuum retard you might not easily notice a leaking diaphragm. I pulled the hose at the dizzy and plugged with a bolt. Wow! Power! Lol
  11. chuckost

    Thoughts on selling hard top and just going with Trollhole?

    Bought my fj40 new in 1978. Number 2 lesson I learned after all these years... NEVER SELL ANYTHING YOU TAKE OFF OF YOUR LANDCRUISER! Someday you'll cry yourself to sleep over it. Hang it from the ceiling in the bedroom if you have to!
  12. chuckost

    OMG I am an idiot. Took my 40 through a car wash

    I bought my 1978 fj40 new in early 1978. Two weeks off the lot I took it to the car wash. First roller that hit the roof overhang stopped the whole car wash machine! Luckily trip switch was sensitive or it would have peeled the top like a sardine can. Coincidentally right now I'm in the...
  13. chuckost

    Shift Knob Caps

    I seem to remember seeing years ago someone making replacement caps for shift knobs. Anyone know where I might find them now? I know I can buy new ones, but I'm kinda sentimental since they're the original knobs from when I bought it new in 1978. Just passed 500k miles a few months ago!
  14. chuckost

    Putting the hardtop back on

    When taking the top off for summer, we never disassemble the sides from the top. It's designed to just stay together and lift off. I made a pulley system in the garage to make it easy.
  15. chuckost

    Parking brake discovery

    Does anyone else see the gear oil pouring out???
  16. chuckost

    Wrong color?

    I added this picture to the stripes thread also. Check the rhino heads!
  17. chuckost

    Striped 40?

    Three weeks after I bought my fj40 in 1978 I scratched the drivers side to metal... Time to add a stripe! I liked the orange against the dune beige. The whole stripe screen was just to set up the rhino heads in the doors! Repainted 2 years ago and still thinking about putting them back...
  18. chuckost

    Wrong color?

    Lol! About 1982 letting my nephew put some clips through the mini 14!
  19. chuckost

    Wrong color?

  20. chuckost

    Wrong color?

    Thanks I've wondered about that for years! I'll find a picture.
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