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    Wanted  74 FJ55 Dash Pad

    Probably almost impossible but looking for a good to great upper dash pad for my 74 FJ55. I do have a few FJ55 parts maybe as a partial trade? Passenger side front lower fender rust free Rear bumper end caps Misc other items - interior gauges etc
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    Wanted  FJ55 Upper Dash Pad

    Hello I am looking for a good to great Upper dash pad for my 74. also looking for correct dealer added radio. let me know. Thx Robert
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    Wanted  1974 FJ55 Upper Dash Pad

    Hello looking for an upper dash pad in decent condition. let me know. Thanks.
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    For Sale  Exhaust and Intake Manifolds - two of them

    Hello I have two manifolds for sale. I am not sure about the years but I believe they were for 2F motors. I bought them for the EGRs to reinstall all the smog equipment to a fj60 but we only used one of the egrs. My understanding is the manifolds were in great condition with no cracks of any...
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    Wanted  FJ62 Driver Door & Front Fender Red

    Hello looking for fj62 drivers door power and driver fender - red if possible? Robert 602-403-852two
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    Wanted  FJ62 Front and Rear Bumper

    Hello looking for good to excellent condition front and rear bumpers for a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62. Let me know. Thx.
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    Wanted  Fj62 Rear Cargo Panels

    Hello looking for the fj62 rear cargo panels - with factory speaker cut outs. Passenger side for sure. Only panels needed but let me know. Thx.
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    For Sale  FJ55 Rear Tailgate Liftgate Latch

    Hello I have a Toyota Land Cruiser fj55 rear Tail Gate Lift Gate Latch in good working order. Rare. Included original nuts and washers. $300 obo.
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    Wanted  Fj60 Original Dash

    hello I am looking for an uncracked dash for a restoration project. Let me know. Thanks
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    For Sale  1983 FJ60 Drivers Side Fender

    No rust and in great condition $200 plus shipping
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    For Sale  FJ55 Fuel Tank

    $500 Phoenix AZ
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    For Sale  1974 FJ55 F1 Motor - Rebuilt and Running - late model production

    Hello - I am selling a running F1 motor that has very little miles on it since a rebuild a number of years ago. The engine is still in the Land Cruiser and running - Long story short - the only reason we are selling it is because we are rebuilding the original motor at this time. It can also...
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    For Sale  1974 FJ55 F1 Motor Late Production Rebuilt Running Condition

    Hello - I am selling a late production F1 motor from a 1974 FJ55. The motor was rebuilt a number of years ago but has very few miles. Long story short - we are rebuilding the original engine to our 74, and as much as I like keeping this motor in the cruiser - we are trying to bring this one...
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    For Sale  FJ60 Doors

    Extra front and rear doors from parting out land cruiser. All rust free with no dents or dings. Age yes and some light scratches etc. extra paint - art work no-charge! Interior panels vary in condition. Sorry I can only add five photos. Email or PM me for more photos - more than one front and...
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