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    Wanted  27 Spline - Worn Ebrake Drum for a 79 FJ40

    I ordered the TSM disc parking brake setup, and found it will require the 27 spline flange to mount the rotors. Seeing that the drum will be removed and only the flange will be used, I am hoping that someone with an old, worn out drum is looking to score some $$$ for the scrap. Thanks!
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    ARB Rear Bumper - second spare mount?

    Good Afternoon, I have happened along a second spare for my LC200, but I cannot seem to figure out the best way to mount it in the factory (under trunk) position. The ARB rear bumper has a bracket that blocks the hole. This appears to come off, but I cannot see a way to get the tightening rod...
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    Anything fun planned for 2019?

    Hello y'all. Just trying to figure out if there is going to be any kind of fun run planned in the next few months?
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    Italian Vehicle Broker / Exporter

    I have found one of my dream Cruisers, but this one is outside Venice, Italy. Does anyone have a lead on a reliable and trustworthy Italian vehicle broker/exporter to help bring this baby home to Oklahoma City? This would be awesome! Thanks, Aaron!
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    F to Diesel direct swap?

    Hey guys, My 70 FJ40 (9/69) with F, 3 on the tree, and PTO winch are on their way to the shop for a body restoration. A local shop quoted me 4K on an engine rebuild, so I started to think alternatives. Much of the morning was spent browsing thru the tech threads, but I have not been able to find...
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    For Sale  FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    Hello, I have the following for sale, prices do not include shipping. 1980 FJ60 Parts Manifold Set - $200 OEM Carb - $100 Air Rail - Less than 300 miles - $200 Smog Hoses - $25 each Chrome hubcap set - $100 shift knob - $10 Shift fork and new throw out bearing - $75 New Clutch plate - $40...
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    NWA weekend run?

    It's been raining good and wondering if anyone us up to run up the middle fork of the White River, out towards White Rock? Kind of last minute, but maybe a fun run.
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    Wanted  FJ40 Brushguard

    Looking for the style of brushguard that clamps onto the front bumper. Anyone got an SOR reproduction that they would like to sell? Needs to be in descent shape. Also, it needs to be able to clear the PTO winch. Shipped to 72774.
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    Wanted  9/1969 FJ40 - fusebox w/ cover & 4WD Indicator Switch

    These are the last two things I need for everything to be properly working on my ride. The more important of the two is the 4WD Indicator switch, which turns the light on the dash. The switch is under the car. SOR shows 68-9/71 will work. Shipping to 72774
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    1989 Land Cruiser VX Interior oem?

    Anyone know if this is an oem interior? Even better, know where I could pickup up a used interior like this (w/o buying the whole rig ;) like seen here?
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    For Sale  Cleaning out the garage , lots of parts- 1981 FJ60 parts

    I got rid of the truck, but want to recoup some of the money for these extra parts. My cousin will begin listing this stuff is going on ebay over the next few days, but I thought there may be some interest here for what I got before the bidding begins. I will accept money orders and paypal. All...
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    For Sale  1970 FJ40 Hardtop, PTO Winch (OKC, OK)

    Hey everyone. I am looking to move on from my FJ40 due to garage space, so here it goes. Looking for $22k/obo, willing to trade for/towards a Lexus 470GX or a BMW Z4 M Coupe. The truck starts up without effort and runs line a champ. The brakes are perfect and stop on a dime. All it needs is...
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    Unknown P/S floorboard threaded stud

    11/69 FJ40. It is on the inner side, a little more than halfway up. Looked to me like a good place for fastening the floor mat, but wanted to find out if it might be for somthing else. Anyone know the correct answer?
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    Odometer turns over on multipules of 1/2...

    Hey everyone, I pulled the odometer out of my 1970 FJ40 to clean off the dried grease, which prevented it from working properly. I thought I paid pretty close attention to the disassembly. Now that it is back together, I notice that when I hit 0.5 miles, the 1mile turns over, and when I hit 5...
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    Conceptual stereo system in a truck w/o the factory option

    I swung by the Verizon store today to find a mount for my cell, but all the mounts were for angled front windows, making the phone face down... WTH? Anyways, I had been contemplating looking for an OEM factory stereo, but realized it would probably sound pretty crappy. While at Verizon, I came...
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    Cracked Intake Manifold - time to cuss...thoughts welcome!!!

    :mad::mad::mad:Well, after so much time getting things machined and ordering all my engine parts, I started putting the engine back together. With the manifolds, I followed the install procedures - tightening pattern and torque. However, after I came back this evening I noticed these cracks...
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    FJ40 Gauge Repair Company

    Hey everyone, the gas gauge in my '70 FJ40 went out. After not being able to find a replacement part, I decided to look around for a repair shop. The place that I ended up choosing was D&M Restorations, somewhere down in SC. Once recieved, the turn around was less than 3 days, and the price...
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    Wanted  Seat belts and parts for a 1970 FJ40

    Looking for a few parts for my seats. -OEM Jump seat belts x2 -OEM front seatpin release handles x2 -OEM cigarette lighter assembly x1 -later year OEM Distributor weather cover If anyone has these, I am a motivated buyer!:D
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    Rear PTO

    I have a factory PTO winch on a 1970 FJ40 on the front, and I see the rear power takeoff on the SOR website. This thing I am trying to figure out is what additional parts are necessary to get the rear PTO to work. Can anyone post extensive pics of their OEM rear PTO connection/ setup? Maybe...
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    My 1970 FJ40

    After years of searching for the right buy, I scored this dude from a big business guy, who bought it in Oregon then shipped it to OKC. He had it repainted with all new body gaskets, but still a little rust noticable on the rear 1/4 panels. I installed a Cruiser Corps seat kit, which worked out...
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