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    Tires in Hattiesburg, MS, where do you find Michelin 275/70r16 around here that aren't $308.00

    I could wait 5 days for another shop to order them but I can get from tire rack for 240. I want to get them before trip up north in three days through snow
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    For Sale 100 series TJM front number with Sahara bar DC/NOVA area

    There is from Kentucky. Would you ship? 40272
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    Wanted 100 Series ARB Deluxe or Sahara Front Bumper

    I don't know if the year matters on the Sahara but the deluxe has different models for different years.
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    SOLD 100 Series/LX470 in Houston TX

    Driver door panel? Tan?
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    SOLD Slow part out: OK: (2) 98 and (1) 99 100 Series...I have too many.

    Yes i still need one
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    Wanted  Kentucky: 98-02 Driver door panel Tan

    Looking for driver door panel for 98 LC. Tan interior
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    Parting Out 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser White

    Drivers door panel? No controls just panel
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    For Sale VA Beach: 100 Series OEM Running Boards and OEM Roof rack

    I want roof rack but cant pick up till next Mon or Tues. Cash in hand or paypal?
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    Wanted 100 series OEM front bumper (Aurora, IL)

    So, did you end up selling your ARB bumper? If not, I'm still interested.
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    Wanted 100 series OEM front bumper (Aurora, IL)

    With COVID going on my wife wont let me leave the house
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    Wanted 100 series OEM front bumper (Aurora, IL)

    I have a 98 TLC and im looking for an arb bumper. I'm in Kentucky.
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    For Sale Garage clean out!

    1045 drawer available ?
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    SOLD 100 series Steps / Rock sliders - N. AL

    $500 shipped to Louisville KY
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    For Sale Various 100 Series Parts

    If you haven't sold cover and roof rack ill take them.
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    Wanted  100 series ARB bumper - Louisville, KY

    ARB front bumper and mounting equipment for 98 LC. Willing to drive or ship if too far.
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    For Sale '99 100 series factory rims

    These are for 18 inch rims right?
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    Poor Fuel Economy

    I get 14 between both in my 98 but I have to keep it to the speed limit. 65 + will lower that and if I'm hauling anything (2000+ lbs) I'm around 10 mpg at 65/70. You have higher horsepower that I do.
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    Clicking noise driving me nuts

    When I start my LC in the morning and accelerate I hear a clicking noise. It dies down after I've been driving for a while. If i turn the LC off and then restart and drive more clicking noises as I accelerate. Its a 98 and the exhaust is original. I have a video but it is too big for the...
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