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  1. LCReunion

    Alternator Replacement steps...from this weekend

    1. Get alternator and new alternator plug. Part# 90980-11349 if 98-02 2. Disconnect battery(s) 3.remove air filter box lid, unplug MAF sensor, unclamp plastic intake tube from airbox and intake; get lid and other intake plastic out of the way 4. Remove front skid plate 5. Use 14mm ratchet...
  2. LCReunion

    Help...Alternator plug wiring diagram?

    All the plastic on the 3 prong alt plug broke, but wires ok. Need wire order. Red white and black wires go to which prongs. Looking from the rear, plug is slightly counterclockwise from the ground post/nut
  3. LCReunion

    Help...anyone in the St George or Cedar area with a garage or shop

    Need to replace my dead alternator and the sun is blazing
  4. LCReunion

    Real Time Help needed... alternator died near Page AZ

    Anybody have one laying around after they upgraded to a higher amp or something? None of the local auto parts has one
  5. LCReunion


    Alternator died...none seemto be available locally...anybody have one that you pulled out for an aftermarket higher amp model? Or know a cruiser shop nearby that may have one? Any other ideas? Got dual batteries getting far has anyone driven on batteries?
  6. LCReunion

    For Sale  SLC/Ogden: 100 series 3rd Row Seats-Tan

    SLC/Ogden: 100 series 3rd Row Seats-Tan. Excellent condition. $350 OBO Local pickup only. Open to interesting trades, but not just anything.
  7. LCReunion

    Need help in Colorado springs!

    Broke my windshield last night! Need to know if anyone knows someone who can fix it today!...just traveling through...We'd be willing to pay a nice tip for Sunday Service
  8. LCReunion

    Need help in Colorado springs!

    Broke my windshield last night! Need to know if anyone knows someone who can fix it today!...just traveling through...We'd be willing to pay a nice tip for Sunday Service
  9. LCReunion

    Problem with Pin 7 mod

    Hey was prepping for some tight switchbacks and thought I'd do the Pin 7 mod on my it looks like it worked as far as the center diff not locking automatically when I shift to Lo....but it also seems to have kept me from locking the center manually with the button on the dash! I'm...
  10. LCReunion

    Throttle issue?

    So I've tried doing a search for this with no luck...maybe just don't know the best keyword. I have a 99 with 253k...runs well for the most part with no codes, but it always accelerates better with light throttle than heavy throttle. I haven't timed it, but I'd swear that from a stop it does say...
  11. LCReunion

    Best non-winter-only tire for my LC in Utah

    So I bought my LC while living in Arkansas. Had Michelin LTX M/S2's on it. Picked up an extra set of wheels and put some Falken WildPeak MT's on them for the muddy/Rocky terrain in Arkansas. Now I'm in SLC area...have to think of winter tires. I know those Michelins will be ok in the snow, and...
  12. LCReunion

    Wanted  100 Aftmkt Rear Bumper

    Got a 99 with recent damage to driver rear corner...wanna take ins $ and add rear bumper. Anyone got one?...I'm in SLC area. Also, any local members with some body work skills?
  13. LCReunion

    Sway bar question

    So I've got a 99 LC with 244k on it...a couple months ago measured it and found I had about 1 1/2 inches of sag front and rear...replaced shocks all around with OEM...replaced rear springs with OME 2860's and cranked TB' I'm plus 1 inch above stock all around. Problem is that seems to be...
  14. LCReunion

    Sway bar question

  15. LCReunion

    OEM rear spring options

    I've got a AHC...240k...wanna replace rear springs and shocks...OEM Springs come in the "standard" 486mm R/492mm L -OR- "optional" 492mm R/504mmL. Has anyone tried these "optional" OEM springs?
  16. LCReunion

    New 100 owner...advice?

    Just bought a 99 with rear locker...former 91 80-series owner...was looking for a 96-97 but my wife fell in love with the 100 series...happy wife=happy life theory means I own a 100-series....gotta admit the V8 does have its allure...I think the first thing I want to do is pull off those useless...
  17. LCReunion

    former 80 owner looking at a 100...

    Looking at a 99 100-series with 250k on it...runs very strong, but what common powertrain issues come up around this mileage?....or at some mileage in the future...have no experience with this V8 or this front diff (2 pinion...heard it's a bit of a weakness...should I expect to replace with a 4...
  18. LCReunion

    Where to spend the dollars...

    First patient please....former owner of '91 LC80....loved it...miss it....want another one....97's are in high demand and with prices to match....often can find as new as 2003 for similar price...I've read many threads and FAQs....but here is the question again...for both on road/off...
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