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  1. Slayed

    New to me 60

    I have one of the swapped ones! Somebody smashed into my HJ61 a week or so ago and one of the things I need to fix her up is new fender flares. Is there a place to buy aftermarket ones?!
  2. Slayed

    Front Axle Seal leaking AGAIN right after replacement

    I checked the breather and cleaned it out when I changed the seal, but no I didn't use an alignment tool. I did consider that the brass bushing could be worn. If I need to replace axle shafts and those brass spindles it almost starts to feel like I should just find a better axle somewhere.,
  3. Slayed

    Front Axle Seal leaking AGAIN right after replacement

    There was a bit of a groove, so I pulled my old axle shaft out of my parts truck and it was even worse.... what is the solution if it is grooved? A sleeve? I did look into this and even purchased one that was recommended but the sleeve was way too narrow, it was only about a 1/4" wide so...
  4. Slayed

    Front Axle Seal leaking AGAIN right after replacement

    Wow that's super generous. I would love to borrow this when I tear back into it. Is the FSM what folks are using for instructions? I followed a youtube video but it obviously wasn't comprehensive.
  5. Slayed

    Front Axle Seal leaking AGAIN right after replacement

    Yes that's a possibility. I would hope I greased the shaft but I can't remember now
  6. Slayed

    Front Axle Seal leaking AGAIN right after replacement

    I just used the same shims and I did not use the alignment tool! The axle shaft also had a minor groove worn in it but it didn't seem bad enough to warrant replacing it.
  7. Slayed

    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    I called him. Its got a running 3b with 400,000 miles and a good transmission. Comes with a good frame and good body but I understand that the frame and body that the motor and running gear are in is rotten. 1986 BJ70 he says, sounds like you need a big flatbed to get it all home.
  8. Slayed

    Front Axle Seal leaking AGAIN right after replacement

    Hey all, My front axle seal on the drivers side of my '83 BJ60 started leaking gear oil into the birfield and onto the brake and wheel, etc. I replaced the inner axle seal and trunion bearings and felts etc. Its been 5 months and I'm leaking gear oil onto my brake again. I can't remember...
  9. Slayed

    ISO (In Search Of)...

    I could run 35s without trouble I think, but the pneumothorax on number 4 sounds like a dealbreaker 😁
  10. Slayed

    ISO (In Search Of)...

    Still looking for some 15" or 16" steel rims and/or some 33's to go on them!
  11. Slayed

    ISO (In Search Of)...

  12. Slayed

    HJ61 to FJ62 rear seat swap

    What did you end up doing? Did you get a fold-flat one to fit? I'm looking into this right now.
  13. Slayed

    Buy Sell Trade

    ISO: 15 or 16" steel rims and/or 33's to fit on them. Thanks!
  14. Slayed

    ISO (In Search Of)...

    Hey all. I am looking for 15 or 16" steel rims and/or some 33's to fit them. Thanks! I have a couple of parts BJ60s if folks are looking for things as well. Edit: found an HJ61 Seat thank you!
  15. Slayed

    Wanted  Passenger side rear bench seat for HJ61

    Looking for the bottom half of the rear bench seat for my HJ61. Would take the whole seat if necessary. Let me know what you have. I'm on Vancouver Island, BC
  16. Slayed

    Wanted  Wanted: Overhead Console for HJ61

    Looking for an overhead console for my HJ61 or anything that will fit, its just an ugly hole right now!
  17. Slayed

    Wanted JDM overhead console

    I'm looking for an overhead console for an HJ61 if anyone has one!
  18. Slayed

    FJ62 rear heater fan

    Wow really! Thats so generous. I could send you something in trade if you want I have two parts BJ60s I just don't have a working fan motor - and my problem actually isnt that my fan doesn't work, its that it turns verrrrrrry slowly because its a 24V fan in a 12V truck. I'll PM you my address
  19. Slayed

    Wanted ISO: FJ40 Rear heater blower motor or rear heater

    I know this is a dead thread, but I'm looking for a rear heater blower motor. Still got some?
  20. Slayed

    For Sale Virginia fj60 Rear heater and carb fan

    Rear heater and carb fan? Whats the carb fan? I need the blower motor for my rear heater. This is 12V? Thanks!
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