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  1. Mudeater

    For Sale  72 FJ40 Shift Linkage

    This came out of my ‘72. It is in good shape. Powder blasted and ready for finishing. I’d like to get $120, free shipping. PM me if interested
  2. Mudeater

    For Sale  Misc parts

    Here is the last of the parts. bumperettes $71 with free shipping. Seat bracket $35 with free shipping, lights.... make offer. 3 spd Linkage $120.
  3. Mudeater

    SOLD  1972 FJ40 Misc Parts

    Thanks for everyone who is able to use some of the parts from my last ad. I sold a ton, and I thank you very much. Here is the remainder of what I have. The box is full of original hardware that came off of the 72 Land Cruiser. Most of it either needs to be cleaned or restored however if you’re...
  4. Mudeater

    SOLD  FJ40 grab bag of parts

    We just finished our restoration. And we have a few parts left over, they need to find a new home. Take a look through the images and see if there’s anything you can use, if so, make an offer and take it home! We are located in Tucson, Arizona.
  5. Mudeater

    For Sale  FJ40 rear seat covers

    This is an original set of rear jump seat covers and pads for 1972 Land Cruiser. These are the long jump seat. The padding is in excellent condition, the seat covers are in average condition. $100 plus shipping
  6. Mudeater

    SOLD  FJ40 SOFT TOP rear corner mounts

    I need a set of brackets that mount to the rear corner walls for the soft top frame. Anyone have anything?
  7. Mudeater

    Wanted  FJ40 front and rear retractable lap seat belt.

    Looking for fj40 front and rear retractable lap seat belts (without rust), reasonably priced. Anyone Got anything?
  8. Mudeater

    SOLD  Sold

    i need a wiper link for my 1972 restoration project. This is the one above the windshield. Looking for something nice and straight. Got anything?
  9. Mudeater

    SOLD  Sold

    brand new in box. Black. First $300. Frame not included.
  10. Mudeater

    SOLD  Best Top Soft Top NEW $300 SOLD

    brand new in box. Black. First $300. Frame not included.
  11. Mudeater

    Fj40 differential oil additive?

    I've searched all over the Internet and the forum to try and answer this question. And haven't had much luck. Hoping someone can help me...... Do I need to include an additive when hanging my Front and rear differential oil's? (If I do not use the additive, the rear end it breaks loose when...
  12. Mudeater

    SOLD  FJ40 two soft tips and one frame: SOLD

    I purchased a new best top soft top earlier this year, I also ordered a second spare top. Both are new my cost was $1200. I installed it, but don't like the look. I'd like to get $900 for the set, but make me a reasonable offer. I will separate.
  13. Mudeater

    For Sale  FJ40/43/45 factory service Manuel

    good clean service manual, split at binding , but no pages missing and very clean. I just know longer need it. $50 with free shipping
  14. Mudeater

    For Sale  fj40 Leaf springs

    ive upgraded my suspension and have a full good set of springs available. Stock height. $400 plus shipping.
  15. Mudeater

    Wanted  OME fj40 suspension

    need some springs for my '72 project. New or used is okay, prefer old man emu setup.
  16. Mudeater

    For Sale  FJ40 Black wagon wheels

    That's up for a black wagon wheels that were on my FJ40. Also have available Goodyear Wrangler mud and snow tires with excellent tried. 215/70 5R 15
  17. Mudeater

    FJ40 front drive shaft hits tranny

    The previous owner converted this to a 350 Chevy. Now the transmission pan touches the front driveshaft. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm thinking a smaller diameter driveshaft, but not sure where to get one that will be strong enough.
  18. Mudeater

    Wanted  Fj40 Wiper link pre-72

    I need a wiper link that connects the left and right hand gearboxes. It is above the windshield. Needs to be in good condition.
  19. Mudeater

    For Sale  FJ40 driver seat

    Fairly complete driver seat. $75
  20. Mudeater

    Wanted  FJ40 front bumper in good condition

    looking for a decent front bumper to fit my '72. Don't care what style: short, long, winch or not, U plate or full cage. Just looking for something decent at a reasonable price. Thanks!
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